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Road construction - Pavement rehabilitation

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Road construction paving activities typically begin in June (weather permitting) and finish in October. Due to the mild winter in 2015, Roads construction is trying to take advantage and get an early start in May. During this time, City crews work two shifts, seven days a week to take full advantage of the short road construction season. This paving program is also partially completed by private sector forces under contract.

For more information on road closures and detours resulting from road construction, visit

2016 pavement rehabilitation projects

As part of The City of Calgary’s commitment to improving our user experience, we are pleased to present this map, highlighting the 2016 paving work happening around Calgary. This map includes projects from Roads Paving, Contract Paving and Micro surfacing programs. Please note, Microsurfacing projects are currently displaying as green – the City’s Microsurfacing projects are localized to the community of Falconridge. We are working to resolve this issue. For more information on microsurfacing, visit Every effort is made to ensure that all of the information on this map is correct and up to date. Please be advised that dates displayed on this map are subject to change.





Larger road construction projects

No community paving planned for Wards 2, 3, 6, 12 and 13 during 2016


How you can help

When you see “No Parking” signs placed on your road (at least 12 hours prior), please move your vehicle! Any vehicle that has not been removed from the area will be tagged and towed to a nearby road if space is available, or to The City’s impound lot. Vehicles are fined and towed only if a “No Parking” sign is in effect.

Help City crews repair our roads quickly by observing all signs, detours and closures. Please remember to remove vehicles and obstacles from the streets when you see "no parking" signs.

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