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Pavement rehabilitation

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Road paving activities typically begin in June (weather permitting) and finish in October. Currently The City is drafting their programs for the 2017 season. City crews work two shifts, seven days a week to take full advantage of the short road paving season. This program is also partially completed by private sector forces under contract. Detailed information about the program is covered in the Road paving FAQs.


2017 pavement rehabilitation projects

Currently, The City is working to finalize its list of 2017 paving projects. Check back on this page for the complete list and updated project pages in Spring. Currently planned projects for 2017 include: 
  • 14 Street N.W.: 21 Avenue to 64 Avenue
  • 11 Street N.E.: 49 Avenue to 57 Avenue
  • 32 Avenue N.E.: 36 Street to East of 68 Street
  • 68 Street N.E.: 12 Avenue to North of 26 Avenue
  • 16 Avenue N.E.: 5 Street to Deerfoot limits
  • Spruce Drive S.W.: Worcester Drive to 8 Avenue
  • 45 Street S.W.: 17 Avenue to Bow Trail

For more information on road closures and detours resulting from road construction, visit