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Beddington Trail and Hidden Valley N.W. - FAQ's

Have timing changes been made at the intersection along with the changes to the median?

A: Yes, the changes at the intersection include changes to the timing of the traffic signal.

Will The City be monitoring this intersection to see if the changes have made any improvement?

A: Yes, The City will be monitoring this intersection to ensure that the changes have improved traffic flow in the area. Changes will be made on an as needed basis going forward.

On Hidden Creek Drive, after the left turn arrow turns off, I can no longer make a left turn on a solid green, why? I want this changed back.

A: When there are two left turn lanes in the same direction at an intersection, The City must operate the left turn as a protected-only left turn which consists of a flashing green arrow signal display followed by amber and red signal displays. The flashing green arrow indicates that turning vehicles are served without opposing traffic or pedestrians. This type of operation is used in various conditions related to traffic safety that includes left turn movement having dual turning lanes.

Although there may be capacity impacts to operating protected-only left turn phasing, the operation ensures the highest level of safety. The capacity impacts of this phasing are considered with signal timings designed to accommodate the demand.

There is just as many vehicles turning right out of Hanson Ranch to get to Stoney Trail and they are not going to be able to turn because they will be blocked by traffic that is going through the intersection.

A: The most recent 6 hour traffic count that The City completed at this intersection in June of 2016 shows that there is 40% more traffic turning left from Hidden Creek Drive on to eastbound Beddington Trail (traveling towards Country Hills Boulevard) than the combined traffic turning right (traveling towards Stoney Trail) and going through the intersection from Hidden Creek Drive on to Hidden Valley Link. The second left turn lane on Hidden Creek Drive was built to accommodate the higher left turning traffic.

There is too much traffic on Hidden Creek Drive, I want less traffic on that road.

A: Please submit your concern through The City’s Traffic Calming intake process.