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Macleod Trail at Shawnessy Blvd S.W./Midlake Blvd S.E. Southbound Off-Ramp Intersection Improvements

In 2016, , The City changed the lane assignments from Macleod Trail on to Shawnessy Blvd/Midlake Blvd. Based on data collected before and after this change, there has been a significant reduction in delay for the southbound right-turn movement to Shawnessy Boulevard from Macleod Trail.

Off-ramp intersection improvements

The traffic lanes have been modified so that there are now two southbound right-turn lanes to Shawnessy Boulevard from Macleod Trail. Traffic going straight through the intersection to Shawville Boulevard now shares a lane with one of the lanes that provides left turns to Midlake Boulevard.

The southbound right-turn movement was yield controlled. With this change, the two right-turn lanes now have their own dedicated traffic signal indication are only be able to go when a green arrow is provided. Right turning traffic is not able to turn on red.

These improvements are part of the Traffic Operational Improvements program which was developed to evaluate various intersections across Calgary which experience heavy traffic congestion.

Provide your feedback

If you have questions or comments about this change, we want to hear from you. Please use the 311 eService Request below to give your feedback.

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