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Memorial Drive at Edmonton Trail Improvements


Improvements to Memorial Drive near the Edmonton Trail and 4 Street N.E. intersections will be completed in the summer of 2018. 

These improvements are designed to improve safety and access for people who walk or bicycle between Bridgeland and the river path system, and to improve safety and mobility for people driving into downtown during the morning peak period.

Primary construction began on Aug. 15, 2016 to install a new two-way Cycle Track, new road infrastructure to support a lane reversal on Memorial Drive, and several pedestrian improvements.

Memorial Drive lane reversal

In 2016, a lane reversal was installed two provide  two left turn lanes from westbound Memorial Drive, southbound onto the Reconciliation Bridge into downtown from 6 to 9 a.m. on weekdays (excluding holidays). Outside of the morning peak period, it reverses  in order to provide two left-turn lanes from eastbound Memorial Drive onto northbound Edmonton Trail N.E.

The reversal is currently controlled with temporary signage. Further construction will occur in the summer of 2018 with the installation of the permanent automated lane reversal equipment.

This video shows several operational and safety improvements under construction on Memorial Drive near the Edmonton Trail and 4 St NE intersections. These improvements are designed to enhance safety and operations for all modes of travel in this area.

Pedestrian improvements

  • New pathway on the south side of Memorial Drive, between Edmonton Trail N.E. and 4 Street N.E.
  • Several new accessible curb ramps
  • Improved pedestrian connectivity
  • Advanced accessible pedestrian signals, with countdown timers and audible tones
  • Ladder style crosswalks to enhance pedestrian safety

Bicycle facilities

  • A new cycle track on the west side of Edmonton Trail N.E., between Memorial Drive and 2 Avenue N.E.
  • Dedicated signal phase for cyclists to cross Memorial Drive to and from the Edmonton Trail cycle track.

Motorist improvements

Memorial Dr. lane reversal 

  • A new reversible left turn lane between Edmonton Trail N.E. intersection and 4 St N.E. to allow for dual left turns from Memorial Drive N.E. onto Edmonton Trail N.E. The lane reversal launched as a temporary detour setup in December 2016, with conversion to a permanent signalized lane reversal set to start in the summer of 2018.
  • The lane reversal will improve overall delay on Memorial Drive by about 30%.
  • During the morning peak hour, the lane reversal system will allow for dual left turns from Memorial Drive onto the Reconciliation Bridge.
  • Using a lane reversal system for this system allows the roadway to accommodate peak traffic in both directions. These improvements will decrease delays for both public transit and motorists, without increasing delays to pedestrians.
  • Off-peak parking has been added to 4 Street N.E. and Edmonton Trail N.E. within Bridgeland to improve access to businesses.
  • Reduction in speed limit to 50 km/hr on Memorial Drive for safety and consistency for east-west traffic.

Benefits to Calgarians

These improvements will provide better service to Calgarians for all modes of travel including cycling, walking, driving and taking transit. Benefits of these improvements include:

  • Improved connectivity of cyclists and pedestrians between Bridgeland and the pathways.
  • Additional 400 vehicles per hour capacity for vehicles travelling westbound Memorial Drive, entering the downtown core.
  • Enhanced pedestrian and cycling facilities to promote alternative active modes in the community
  • Reduced automobile delay on Memorial Drive, promoting reduction in shortcutting of motorists through Bridgeland Community.


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