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Community Pace Car program

Children show off the PACE CAR stickers that are displayed in pace car vehicles.
Children show off the PACE CAR stickers that are displayed in pace car vehicles.

Currently, only the communities of Rocky Ridge and Royal Oak are piloting the Pace Car program in Calgary. The Pace Car program is a locally delivered, nation-wide program that focuses on raising awareness around speed reduction in the community, especially in playground zones and pedestrian-dense areas.

The Pace Car program involves seeking out community members to sign up as Pace Car drivers. Participants will sign the Pace Car Supporters Pledge and proudly display the official Pace Car emblems on their car window. Many Pace Cars work to calm traffic throughout a neighbourhood - the more people who participate, the better it works!

What is the Pace Car Pledge?

Residents agree to drive the posted speed limit. Cars become a "mobile speed bump" slowing speeding traffic behind them. Traffic is not only calmed on one street, but throughout a neighbourhood.

Drivers also agree to be more aware of, and courteous to, other road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists, and to minimize car use by using active transportation (walking, cycling, etc.), using transit, and car-pooling.

To reduce the chance of road rage, it's important for Pace Car drivers to display the Pace Car stickers so other motorists know why they are driving courteously. If someone urgently wishes to pass, a Pace Car driver simply pulls over and lets them by.

Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community association sign up

To register to become a Pace Car participant in the Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak pilot, visit the Rocky Ridge Royal Oak Community Association website to sign up and access the program tools and resources.

Then take the pledge to:

  • Display the removable Pace Car sticker on your vehicle. 
  • Encourage others to take the Pace Car pledge.
  • Obey the posted speed limit.  
  • Stop for pedestrians crossing the road.  
  • Show courtesy to cyclists and other road users.  
  • Avoid distractions by paying close attention to the road.