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Accessible pedestrian signals

Accessible pedestrian signal control boxes

Accessible pedestrian signals (APS) are devices that communicate information about walk and don’t walk intervals through non-visual means to visually impaired pedestrians. APS provide audible sounds to indicate when it is safe to cross the street at a signalized intersection. They also allow visually impaired pedestrians to understand which direction it is safe to cross in. These signals provide more security for those with visual impairments which allows for greater mobility.

There are over 150 accessible pedestrian signals throughout Calgary and The City installs several new signals every year.

Intersections equipped with Accessible Pedestrian Signals


Accessible Pedestrian Signals location map

APS Pilot Project

Starting in May 2016 The City of Calgary will be piloting new accessible pedestrian signal technology at six different intersections across the city. The new APS will have more advanced features to provide more accessibility to visually impaired pedestrians. New features include:
  • A locator tone, a soft audible tone that will always be on to help visually impaired pedestrians identify a crosswalk with accessible features.
  • Vibrating and tactile arrows that will indicate to pedestrians which direction they are crossing.
  • Audible tones that automatically adjust to ambient noise. Currently APS are only programmed to be used during certain hours of the day to minimize disruption to nearby residents overnight. Automatic adjustments to ambient sound will allow us to leave the audible tones on at all times.

The new APS will be tested on a three month trial period. AT the end of the trial The City will evaluate their use and determine how to move forward. New APS technology will be piloted at the following intersections:

  • Northmount Drive and 4 Street N.W.
  • 12 Avenue S.W. and 9 Street S.W,
  • 13 Avenue S.W. and 4 Street S.W.
  • 7 Avenue S.E. and 1 Street S.E.
  • Riverbend Gate/Riverglen Drive and 18 Street S.E.
  • Richmond Road - 50 Street S.W. and 51 Street S.W.