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Energy Efficient LED Lighting

The City of Calgary is always looking for ways to reduce electricity consumption and provide quality lighting on city roadways.

Based on an assessment of available technologies, LED (light emitting diode) lighting was identified as the best-fit option for Calgary’s roads. Council has approved a city-wide retrofit of 80,000 streetlights which was completed in Summer 2017.

Before LED installation After LED installation

These photos show the before and after lighting of the LED retrofit. Calgarians can now clearly see the night sky and stars above. Prior to retrofit, Calgarians saw a yellow glow all around. Calgary's transition to LED lights can be seen from space.

LED lighting FAQ

Benefits of LED street lighting

LED lighting is now roughly the same cost as the older standard high pressure sodium lights, but offers a number of longer-term benefits:

  • Reduces electricity consumption.
  • Provides better quality street lighting, making objects appear clearer and more defined.
  • Reduces the amount of “spilled” or wasted light, ensuring light is focused on roads and sidewalks, where it is most useful to drivers and pedestrians.

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