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Requests for a new left turn arrow

A left turn arrow signal warrant study is used to determine if traffic control devices are needed at a specific intersection. A device is considered warranted if it passes this test. However, the traffic control device may not be approved for construction on the warrant list for different reasons, such as budget constraints or community association concerns. 

After a citizen has made a service request for a new left turn arrow, it is received by a Traffic Signals Engineer who then investigates the last time, if ever, a warrant study has been completed at the location of concern.  If a warrant study had been conducted within three years of the request date it will NOT be conducted again under normal circumstances.

Request a new Left Turn Arrow warrant study - eService 

If a new warrant study has been deemed necessary it will be scheduled for a field investigation. Field studies are normally conducted during peak hours and days to capture the highest amount of traffic that would use the left turn arrow.

Based on the field study a left turn arrow is warranted if it meets either of the following criteria:

  • More than 25 percent of motorists are not able to make a left turn in the cycle that they arrived at the intersection. Also, there are at least 100 vehicles per hour attempting to make the turn.
  • A collision problem that could be corrected by the installation of the left turn arrow.

Intersections which have had a warrant study completed

An outline of the completed left turn arrow warrant studies can be viewed in the left turn arrow warrant list.