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Streetlighting Digital Ballast pilot project

The Streetlighting Digital Ballast pilot project is scheduled to begin February 2012 for a one year trial. The project consists of retrofitting nine streetlights located on 40 Avenue N.W. between 37 Street N.W. and Crowchild Trail.

The overall goal of the project is to determine if the technology aligns with The City’s long term streetlight upgrade strategy and has specific objectives of evaluating electrical consumption, product quality, installation and maintenance requirements, and carbon dioxide (CO2) and recycling reductions.

Digital ballast technology offers reduced electrical consumption and increased bulb life which is comparable to LED streetlights. The digital ballast is like the “engine” of the light, and is quite simple to install compared to other technologies. Existing lights can be retrofitted by removing the magnetic core and coil ballast and replacing it with the digital ballast. The digital ballast is relatively inexpensive to purchase compared to other streetlight technologies, making this a potentially viable alternative for streetlighting.