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Traffic Signal Timing Reports and Intersection Plans

Request a traffic signal operation report

A traffic signal timing operation report describes the operational status of a given traffic signal at a particular date and time. These reports are typically requested by law and insurance firms in connection with a motor vehicle accident.

Request a Traffic Signal Timing Report with the online eService request button below. The standard process time for this document is six to eight weeks at a fee of $250 (plus GST). Rush reports are available within two to three weeks at a rush fee of $300 (plus GST).

Request a intersection plan

Request an Intersection Plan that shows existing signs and road marking with the online eService request button below. There is an administration fee of $150 plus GST. Plans will not be provided without prior payment. 

Payment details

Both reports will require information on the date, time and location of the intersection of interest along with the payment.  

eService - Complete the required information online 

All payments are to be made by cheque and payable to The City of Calgary. Mail payments to the following address:

Traffic Engineering (#4009)
The City of Calgary
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5