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Traffic Division

The City of Calgary’s Traffic Division is divided into two groups – Traffic Engineering and Traffic Operations. Traffic Engineering is responsible for designing and operating all traffic control devices throughout the city, while Traffic Operations is responsible for the installation and ongoing maintenance of these devices.

Traffic Engineering

​The Traffic Safety Act enables The City of Calgary to create bylaws and policies that apply to traffic control.  These documents give Traffic Engineering the authority to plan and approve installation of traffic control devices, such as signs, signals and paint markings, on Calgary streets.  Traffic Engineering uses available data, analysis, engineering judgment, guides such as the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, as well as industry and governmental standards, when deciding where to place traffic controls.

Traffic Safety

  • Pedestrian safety.
  • Traffic safety programs.
  • Construction zone safety.
  • School Zone/playground zone safety.

Community Traffic Concerns

  • Traffic calming.
  • Requesting community traffic studies.
  • Requesting speed reduction signage (SLOWS and iSLOWS).
  • Shortcutting concerns.

Signal Warrants

  • Requesting traffic signals, left turn arrows and pedestrian corridors.


  • Parking studies.
  • Residential Parking Zones.
  • Parking permits.
  • Disabled parking permits and zones.
  • Snow Route parking bans.

Truck Routes

  • Truck Route map.
  • Truck Route bylaw.

Roads Permits

  • Banners over roadways.
  • Street use (street/ sidewalk/ alley/ boulevard traffic control set-up).
  • Community association signs, new community development signs.
  • Excavations, hoarding.
  • Exceptions to vehicle load restrictions, special truck routes.
  • Parades/ special roadway events.
  • Temporary no parking. 

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Traffic Operations

Traffic Operations works closely with Traffic Engineering to support every new traffic initiative and maintain existing infrastructure. From fixing signals to fabricating new road signs and painting lane markings and setting up detours during construction, this group plays a key role in keeping Calgarians on the move.

Traffic signal and streetlighting repairs/maintenance

Road signs

  • Maintenance/repairs.

Crosswalk painting program

  • An annual City program that involves re-painting 17,500 crosswalks and refreshing stencils.

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