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Douglasdale and McKenzie Lake Slope Stability Project

Project update - January 18, 2018

We continue working on a long-term solution to address the slope movements on the escarpment east of the Bow River adjacent to the communities of McKenzie Lake and Douglasdale. These movements have caused damage to The City's pathway along a 3.5 km section.

As part of a priority restoration of the slope and pathway, work has begun on the most urgent section, which includes a retaining wall adjacent to the pathway.

For safety reasons, the contractor, Pomerleau, has installed fencing to seal off the construction area. Please follow the detour signs and do not access either the closed area or the slope below it.

Residents in the area are advised that as piling work begins in January, trucks will periodically access the construction site from Mt. McKenzie Way to Mt. Alberta Place and Mt. Alberta View, as well as from Mt. McKenzie Drive to Mt. Douglas Circle.

As work continues, there will also be some intermittent closures or temporary disruptions to the access into the parks/playground/pathway areas to accommodate the stages of construction.

Monitoring of the pathway is ongoing to ensure detection of any further erosion.

Pathway closure remains in effect

The City closed approximately one kilometre of the pathway for safety reasons in August 2016 and it will remain closed until restoration of the slope and reconstruction of the pathway can be completed. The pathway has been detoured along Mt. Alberta View and Mt. Douglas Close S.E.

About the project

Slope movements on the escarpment east of the Bow River adjacent to the communities of Douglasdale and McKenzie Lake have caused damage to The City's pathway along a 3.5km section.

Since 2005, The City of Calgary has worked with external consultants to monitor, investigate and develop restoration options for The City's infrastructure (the slope and the pathway) in accordance with the Slope Stability Management Framework. In August 2015, a geotechnical consultant completed a feasibility study with initial recommendations and cost estimates for the long-term stabilization of the slope and reconstruction of the pathway. The City's responsibility is to stabilize the slope and the pathway to ensure the safety of pathway users.

In 2016 The City began working on the design and construction of a solution to improve the stability of the slope and the pathway that supports the slope. Repair work in 2016 and early 2017 involved drilling piles to provide firm ground on the pathway area at the top of the slope where the pathway collapsed. The project will take place in phases and over several years.

Heavy rain during the summer of 2016 caused erosion of the pathway in a section behind Mt. Alberta View. As a result of an inspection process the pathway has been closed. See more about the pathway closure. The City will continue to monitor the slope and the pathway.

Slope stability projects are highly complex, and one solution will not fit for every section of the pathway. There may be a variety of solutions developed in order to meet the conditions in each section.

Project timeline

  • September 2016 - Restoration work begins on most urgent section of pathway instability
  • Late 2017 - Construction of long-term solution begins
  • Mid-2019 - Anticipated completion of retaining wall adjacent to pathway


We will continue to provide updates about this project.

Please fill out the 311 online form if you require more information.​​​​​

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