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Inglewood / Ramsay area projects

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The Inglewood/Ramsay area is a lively, bustling neighbourhood, with many upcoming improvements to roadways, parks and public transit, among other things.

We know there are a lot of City projects happening in the Inglewood/Ramsay area, and we understand that all the conversation and public engagement about these projects can be overwhelming.

We want to assure you that we are looking at the area holistically and are coordinating all of these projects, across City departments and project teams, to ensure we are working cohesively towards the same vision: building the best possible future for an iconic Calgary neighbourhood.

We’ve compiled a list of area projects and their web page links here for your convenience. We will update this page with new information as it becomes available.

If you have any questions for the Inglewood/Ramsay Project Coordination team please email us at

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8 Avenue Laneway

9 Avenue Bridge replacement

9 Avenue SE Streetscape Master Plan project
The City is initiating a streetscape master plan for the 9 Avenue S.E. corridor in Inglewood. This plan will provide a strong vision for future enhancements, reinforces a sense of place and enhances the pedestrian experience focusing on improvements to the public realm. The scope covers 9 Avenue S.E. from the Elbow River to 20 Street S.E. and will also include design for the Blackfoot Trail underpass, gateway entrance treatment at each end of the corridor, the transition from the 9 Ave bridge and at entry points into the corridor such as 12 Street, concept design for 12 Street north of 9 Avenue to the Zoo Bridge, and the interface along Mills Park, Out West Park and the future Jack Long Park. Once a webpage has been created the link will be added.

12 Street Bridge replacement

17 Avenue S.E. Bus Rapid Transit
The 17 Avenue S.E. BRT project is one of four additions to The City’s primary transit network. The four new projects will fill important gaps in the existing transit network, and provide Calgarians with direct, reliable connections to major destinations. The 17 Avenue S.E. BRT project includes construction of new bus-only travel lanes and new BRT stations along 17 Avenue SE between Hubalta Road S.E. and 9 Avenue S.E. Phase two of the project (between 30 Street S.E. and 9 Avenue S.E.) includes building a bridge structure across the Bow River and Deerfoot Trail, new BRT stations with real-time travel information, improved lighting, and heating as well as pedestrian and cycling connections from the south east of the City into Inglewood. The City is in the early stages of functional planning, and will be meeting with stakeholders and Calgarians this winter.

25 Avenue LRT grade separation functional planning study
The purpose of this functional planning study is to identify a plan for separating the grade of the LRT line and 25 Avenue S.E. over Macleod Trail. The study will examine impacts to the road network, access and redevelopment opportunities for adjacent lands. Public engagement will start in early 2017. A webpage will be created with more information once this study begins.

Airport Vicinity Protection Area Regulation (AVPA)

Angled parking pilot
Temporary angled parking will be installed along 13 and 14 Street S.E. between 8 and 9 Avenue S.E. The goal of this study is to increase parking options and possibly assist with traffic calming efforts in the area. This pilot is expected to begin in fall 2016 and will be in place for six months.

ARP Inglewood/Ramsay

Bend in the Bow

Bioengineering demonstration
The project will involve constructing bioengineering erosion protection on the river’s south bank from just downstream of Cushing Bridge all the way into the existing critical erosion site. Some gravel bar modifications might also be necessary. The planning stage of the project has just been awarded to a consultant and public information sessions will be held in early 2017.

Calgary and Area Pathway & Bikeway Plan
The 2000/2001 Calgary Pathway and Bikeway Plan is now out of date. Many of the routes that were identified as future or recommended infrastructure have been built or rendered out of date by planning changes. Also, since 2000 there have been several new policies approved by Calgary City Council related to walking and cycling that have impacted the relevance of the approved plan. Updating the plan will help City planners and developers create new communities with connections to the existing pathway and bikeway network, and improve connectivity within existing communities. Public engagement is expected to being in early 2018.

Developed Areas Guidebook

Goods Movement Strategy
The Goods Movement Strategy will develop a list of short-term and long-term actions and investments that will support the economic development of Calgary. These actions and investments will support the goods movement industry and the citizens of Calgary through continued improvements to the Transportation Network. The movement and transportation of goods is important, and closely tied, to the development and economy of Calgary, as we are well positioned as a hub to connect to local, national and international markets through the movement of goods into, out of and throughout Calgary.

Green Line LRT

Harvie Passage rehabilitation project

IBI Study/flood mitigation city wide

Inglewood Flood Barrier
For more information - please click here.

Inglewood Sanitary Trunk Line

Main Streets

Mills Park

New Land Use Bylaw

ReTree Community Program

Zoo Flood Mitigation