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12 Street S.E. Bridge Replacement Project

Project update – May 2018

Construction work to complete the bridge will be taking place this summer and fall. The final bridge construction work will begin in May, with landscaping work beginning in June.

This work will require temporary lane and pathway closures. Please continue to follow detour signs in this area.

Pathway detours and closures are posted on the pathway and detours closure page. Also, our interactive pathways and bikeways web map and app are kept up-to-date with pathway detours and closures.

Project background

The 12 Street S.E. Bridge that spans the Bow River on the south side of St. George's Island needed replacement due to its age and deteriorated physical condition. The bridge, constructed in 1908, was originally designed to carry horse and buggy, as well as pedestrian traffic to St. George's Island. The old bridge provided an important link for vehicles and people on foot or bikes, and provided access to and from 9 Avenue S.E. to Memorial Drive. The new bridge will ensure this important link is maintained for the next 100 years.

Project scope

The new bridge:

  • Provides two lanes for vehicle traffic with adequate lane widths, which can accommodate emergency vehicles and future Transit, and increase safety generally.
  • Is flood resistant.
  • Provides pedestrian/cycling access across the bridge and connects to the existing pathways on the north and south ends of the bridge.
  • Is easier to maintain and will last for a long period of time (100 years).
  • Will incorporate an historical/commemorative component recognizing the old bridge design.
  • Continues to provide access into the Zoo’s Administration area parking lot and building.


  • Preliminary design - fall 2015
  • Detailed design - winter 2016
  • Construction - spring 2016
  • Bridge open to the public - winter 2017
  • Completion - fall 2018*
*Construction is very dependent on weather and site conditions. More information will be provided on updated timelines, but dates can change.


$26 million


As part of the project, grass and other vegetation will be planted around the north and south ends of the bridge. It will also include the installation of a commemorative structure for the old St. George’s Island Bridge and the installation of the public art piece. To see what the landscaping will look like, please see the landscape plan.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • 12 Street Bridge - South landscape layout
  • 12 Street Bridge - Northwest landscape layout
  • 12 Street Bridge - Northeast landscape layout

Public Art

A project-specific public art selection panel selected artist Brandon Vickerd for the development and execution of a permanent public art project adjacent to the new 12 Street S.E. Bridge.


The City of Calgary will communicate with the public and impacted businesses about the construction before it begins and on an ongoing basis throughout construction. The web page will be the primary source for updated information.

More information

Please fill out the online form if you have questions or require more information.

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