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4 Street S.W. Underpass Enhancement

Project update – October 4, 2017

Construction has now begun on this project which is anticipated to be completed by  Fall 2018.

Currently, the east pedestrian walkway is closed. The sidewalk was removed this past winter as part of an Enmax project to rebuild an electrical conduit that runs beneath the walkway. The east walkway will remain closed until the sidewalk is rebuilt and enhancements are completed. Once the east side reopens to the public, the west side walkway will close for construction.

About the project

Situated between 8 Avenue and 10 Avenue, the 4 Street S.W. underpass is a main gateway and key corridor for pedestrians and vehicles moving between the Beltline and downtown core, servicing over 8,000 pedestrians each day.

The 4 Street S.W. underpass is a priority for public realm improvements under the Council-endorsed “Downtown Underpass Urban Design Guidelines.” The underpass redesign is intended to address issues such as safety, connectivity, accessibility, vitality and beauty, and improving the overall comfort of pedestrians who use the underpass.

The City has completed planning and design for enhancements to the 4 Street S.W. underpass. The design developed by the marc boutin architectural collaborative (MBAC) integrates architecture, infrastructure and artwork into the redesign of the space. Internationally-acclaimed artist Krzysztof Wodiczko is also part of this design team charged with reinvigorating the underpass.

The enhancement project is part of a broader Centre City Underpass Enhancement Program underpass improvement program being facilitated by The City to improve the pedestrian environment and underpass connections between the Beltline and downtown communities. The City has been undertaking operational improvements to clean up and brighten other existing underpasses including 1 Street S.W., 5 Street S.W. and 8 Street S.W.

Project timeline

  • Fall 2016 – Spring 2017: Enmax completed utility upgrades beneath the east pedestrian walkway
  • Fall 2017: Construction on the enhancements begin
  • Fall 2018: Anticipated completion


The City is committed to keeping citizens informed about the project. Adjacent property owners and businesses will receive information updates as the project moves forward, and this webpage will be updated regularly.

For more details on the engagement process, visit the project’s engage page.

Fill out the 311 online form if you have questions or require more information.


This project will result in some underpass pedestrian and road restrictions and closures.

The east pedestrian walkway is now closed and will re-open once the sidewalk is rebuilt and enhancements to that side are completed. When the east walkway reopens, the west walkway will close for construction.

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