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61 Avenue S.W. Pedestrian Bridge


Project Background

The 2008 Chinook Station Area Plan (SAP) aims to create an attractive, walkable and complete urban corridor, with a stronger connection between Chinook LRT Station and CF Chinook Centre, opportunities for economic development, and balanced mobility choices with enhanced opportunities for travel by foot, bicycle and transit. The SAP proposes a pedestrian overpass bridging the 61 Avenue S.W. corridor and CF Chinook Centre.

The SAP identified 61 Avenue S.W. as a Major Activity Centre in the new Municipal Development Plan (MDP). 61 Avenue S.W. between Centre Street and Macleod Trail is the busiest pedestrian corridor outside of the downtown core and currently supports pedestrian traffic beyond its designed capabilities.

The Chinook Station area has been identified as a location for redevelopment through Investing in Mobility: Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan (TIIP). A pedestrian overpass crossing Macleod Trail at 61 Avenue S.W. is listed in the TIIP.

Design Concept for 61 Avenue S.W. Pedestrian Bridge.

Project Objectives/Benefits

This pedestrian bridge:

  • Creates a safe, accessible and convenient pedestrian crossing over Macleod Trail.
  • Decreases traffic congestion on Macleod Trail at 61 Avenue S.W.
  • Supports employment and residential redevelopment of the Chinook Major Activity Center, as defined in the Municipal Development Plan.
  • Reduces long-term infrastructure and operating costs by supporting redevelopment and slowing the outward expansion of Calgary, as outlined in the Investing in Mobility plan.

Project timeline

Preliminary Design: Completed fall 2015
Detailed Design: summer 2016
Construction: September 2016
Completed: December 2017

Project Budget

The joint cost of this project was $13 million. The City of Calgary partnered with Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd. (owners of CF Chinook Centre) to share the cost of this project. Each organization contributed $6.5 million, which covered the design and construction costs of the public pedestrian bridge. Cadillac Fairview is wholly responsible for the private bridge extension.