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Centre Street Bridge flood barrier

Project Overview

The Centre Street Bridge has been an iconic fixture over the Bow River for over 100 years and during the 2013 flood it proved to be a breach point for water into the downtown core. To address this flood risk, The City will be installing a barrier (stop-log system) on the lower deck of the bridge to help reduce the risk to downtown Calgary in the event of another flood.

Partial Funding for this project has been granted through the Alberta Community Resilience Program (ACRP) as part of the overall City of Calgary Flood Mitigation and Resilience Program.

This project will provide flood defense for those communities located downstream and help protect citizens and infrastructure for years to come.

Construction Impacts

Construction for this project may include intermittent lane closures as required, and advanced warning will be provided for motorists and for the duration of the project.

Construction will include the installation of temporary flood barriers, known as stop logs, on the lower decks of the Centre Street Bridge. Stop logs are made of aluminum and are an efficient, effective temporary flood barrier which can be installed and removed on an as needed basis. When fully installed, the barrier system resembles a pile of logs stacked on top of one another creating a wall like structure to keep water out.

Project Timelines

Construction is expected to begin in summer 2018 and be completed by the end of the year.