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Glenmore Reservoir Regional Pathway project

Project update: April 27, 2018

Construction trailer is being moved. See where we've moved it​.

Truck activity in the area may be a little more than usual due to the relocation, however no road or pathway closures will be in effect as a result.


The City of Calgary is pleased to announce a significant addition to our city's extensive pathways and bikeways network with a new pathway link along Glenmore Reservoir.

This new pathway link will strengthen the connection of a continuous public pathway around Glenmore Reservoir, providing spectacular views and recreational amenities to all Calgarians.

As part of this project, we will also be constructing a three-meter wide asphalt pathway along the crest of the Glenmore Reservoir, connecting the existing pathway network in North Glenmore Park with the pathway network along the Glenmore Trail Causeway.

Glenmore Reservoir Regional Pathway Bridge Design

Glenmore Reservoir Regional Pathway Bridge Rendering

This project fulfills a long-term vision identified in both Calgary's Urban Park Master Plan and the Open Space Plan. According to citizen surveys, the City's pathways are used by 83 percent of Calgarians for recreation and transportation. Citizens report high satisfaction with pathways and strong support for a well-connected pathway system.

Project timeline

August 2017:

Construction in and around the Earl Grey Golf Club area began.

Spring 2018:

Construction outside of the golf course will begin in early spring 2018 and is anticipated to be completed by the end of spring 2018.

Tree impacts

While we make every effort to avoid impacts to trees, some trees will need to be removed as part of this project.

Because these trees are found in manicured areas (not natural areas), we have developed a tree compensation plan that will replant two trees for every tree lost in an effort to replace lost tree canopy.

Staying informed

We value your support and patience during the construction phase of this City of Calgary project. For ongoing updates on this project, please continue to check this page or call 311.

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