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Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study - 2015

In 2015/2016, The City completed feasibility studies and conceptual design for four existing pedestrian bridges and one potential new bridge. The study resulted in a total of five reports, one for each site. Read the executive summary and see the conceptual designs:

There are a number of reasons these studies were necessary:
  • Deteriorating structural conditions
  • Location
  • Issues with access or clearance
  • Safety

All five of these sites consist of a distinctive mix of urban elements (pathways, roadways, railway tracks, neighbourhoods, creeks, etc.) and stakeholders (City of Calgary, Community Associations, Utility Companies, Developers, Businesses, etc.). These elements combined, create unique and challenging issues for each of the pedestrian bridge sites.

You can find more information on the following bridges, on their respective web pages:


Existing bridges in the study

Anderson LRT bridge
Existing Anderson LRT Pedestrian Bridge

Laycock park bridge
Existing Laycock Park Pedestrian Bridge

Penedo Way bridge
Existing Penedo Way Pedestrian Bridge

Westbrook bridge
Existing Westbrook Pedestrian Bridge