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Westbrook Pedestrian Overpass

Project Update - February 19, 2019

Work has begun on the Westbrook Pedestrian Overpass construction, and there will be contractors moving large equipment onto the site on the east side of Bow Trail on Tuesday, February 19. This will be followed by drilling work, which will begin on Thursday, February 21.

This part of the construction process is expected to take about three weeks on the east side before moving across the street to the west side. There will be some construction noise as a result of the drilling and concreting activities, however work will be limited to hours permitted by The City’s noise bylaw.

Construction will continue throughout the year with the new bridge anticipated to be ready for users in the late fall of 2019. There should be minimal impacts to current users of the existing overpass, as it will remain open for the duration of construction of the new bridge.

The current Calgary Transit stops on Bow Trail, adjacent to the existing overpass, will be temporarily relocated during some stages of construction. Please refer to site signage during construction and visit for more information on potential route changes.


Project background

The area surrounding Westbrook Mall has been identified in the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Westbrook Village Area Redevelopment Plan as a Major Activity Centre, an ideal candidate for redevelopment through Investing in Mobility. With the addition of the Westbrook LRT Station, the area has seen an increased volume in pedestrians, making it an increasingly busy corridor.

Infrastructure improvements in the area like the Westbrook Pedestrian Overpass will encourage future development as the population surrounding the LRT Station increases. Accessible shopping, employment and residential opportunities in this transit hub are positive outcomes from Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects such as this.

The existing overpass crossing Bow Trail between 33 and 37 Street S.W. was constructed in 1970, at a time when accessibility standards were much lower than they are today. Approaching 50 years old, the bridge is exhibiting significant deterioration and has numerous structural deficiencies. It has been determined that the most economically feasible solution to address the condition of the structure and its current level of accessibility is to replace it with a new overpass.

Project design and objectives

The new pedestrian overpass will bring multiple benefits to the Westbrook area including:

  • A more accessible structure with a wider bridge deck and ramps that are not as steep
  • Improved safety with the addition of better lighting and by redirecting pedestrians from street level crossing of Bow Trail
  • More than 40 new trees have been incorporated into the design around the new bridge
  • Providing a desirable connection for pedestrians to access destinations on either side of Bow Trail
  • Supporting employment and residential development in the Westbrook area
  • Reducing long-term infrastructure and operating costs by supporting redevelopment, slowing the outward expansion known as "urban sprawl" of the city as outlined in the Investing in Mobility plan and Transit Oriented Development policy
Westbrook bridge site plan
Westbrook Pedestrian Bridge Site Plan


The City of Calgary remains committed to keeping stakeholders and area users informed and updated on the project. The project page will be regularly updated with information on the project, public information sessions and any other project related information. 311 is an additional resource for Calgarians to contact with questions about the project.

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Project timeline

Contract awarded: December 2018
Construction start: February 2019
Construction end: Late fall 2019