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Crowchild Trail at 54 Avenue S.W. Pedestrian Bridge

Project update - March 21, 2019

Construction activities continue on this new pedestrian bridge. Traffic speed has been reduced to 50 kms/hr on southbound Crowchild Trail to allow crews to build ramps and stairs for the new bridge.

Pieces of the bridge truss are being manufactured in southeast Calgary and will be moved to a location near Glenmore Trail and Richard Road for assembly. Once assembled, the bridge truss will be moved to its final location over Crowchild Trail at 54 Avenue.


About the project

Constructing a new pedestrian bridge over Crowchild Trail at 54 Avenue S.W. is an element of the Glenmore Trail Widening and Interchange Improvements project, one of several City-led projects to connect Calgary's road network to the ring road and will accommodate changes to traffic volume and patterns that are expected after the opening of the Southwest Ring Road (SWRR).

Crowchild Tr at 54 ave. ped bridge design concept
Design concept for new pedestrian bridge at Crowchild Trail and 54 Avenue S.W.

The new pedestrian bridge will:

  • Improve the safety and experience of people who use the new overpass
  • Improve accessibility to the new overpass
  • Improve the link for pedestrians and cyclists between the communities of North Glenmore Park and Garrison Green
  • Accommodate the widening of Crowchild Trail.

Glenmore Trail Widening and Interchange Improvements

Along with construction of the new Crowchild Trail Pedestrian bridge and removal of the existing bridge, this larger project includes the following features:

  • Widening Glenmore Trail from four to six lanes between 37 Street and Crowchild Trail S.W. as well as rebuilding this aging section of road.
  • Modifying the interchange for short-term improvements to help accommodate SWRR opening day traffic volumes.
  • Improved traffic signal coordination on Crowchild Trail.
  • Noise barrier changes to accommodate widening of Crowchild Trail.

To learn more about the Glenmore Trail Widening and Interchange Improvements, visit the project webpage.

Calgary's southwest ring road

The City is responsible for the design and construction of the projects connecting Calgary's road network to the ring road because they are located within city limits. To learn more about the other projects, as well as information on SWCRR, including construction schedule, design and the history of the project, visit Calgary's southwest ring road home page.

Construction timeline

Construction start - Summer 2018
Completion of bridge - 2019