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16 Ave N.W. Widening project


Project Background

To accommodate future growth in the City and support the development of the University of Calgary Major Activity Centre, 16 Avenue NW will be widened to 6-lanes. 16 Ave is a key east-west connection, as the trans-Canada highway and is served by the Primary Transit Network. 16 Avenue N.W. is classified as an Urban Boulevard; meaning it forms the backbone of higher density corridors and activity centres.

The westbound 16 Avenue NW to northbound Crowchild Trail NW off-ramp was identified in the Crowchild Trail Corridor Study short-term improvements. Furthermore, policy direction in the Banff Trail Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) has triggered the requirement for the westbound to northbound exit ramp from 16 Avenue NW to Crowchild Trail when current land use applications are approved.

The off-ramp is being planned and designed in conjunction with the widening of 16 Avenue NW to minimize impacts to the local residents and businesses and to take advantage of efficiencies during construction.

Project Area

  • 16 Avenue NW is being widened from the current 5-lanes (2 EB, 3 WB) to 6-lanes from 19 Street NW to the Crowchild Trail NW overpass.
  • A new, off-ramp will be constructed, connecting westbound 16 Avenue NW to northbound Crowchild NW. Improvements associated with the off-ramp will continue along northbound Crowchild Trail NW until 23 Avenue NW.
  • No change in alignment to Crowchild Trail NW is planned at this time, in association with the Crowchild Trail Study Medium Term Plans.
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Project Scope

The project is currently in the planning and feasibility stage. Meaning that we know that this area has some unique challenges associated with it; including the noise wall insulating the community of Briar Hill, the LRT tracks to the north and existing Motel Village. Furthermore, input from the public and technical experts will need to be weighed carefully into design changes.

You can provide your input on this project both in person and online.


  • Build an off-ramp to northbound Crowchild Trail NW from westbound 16 Avenue NW
  • Encourage multi-modal options and recognize the needs of all users (walking, biking, transit and vehicles) by completing missing links for different transportation modes.
  • Widen 16 Avenue NW to 6-lanes from the current 5-lanes.
  • Create a direct, unobstructed and safe route for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improve the streetscape environment and feel of 16 Avenue NW.


Funding was allocated for the project in the City's Investing in Mobility: Transportation Infrastructure Investment Plan (TIIP).

19 Street NW to Crowchild Trail Overpass

  • Westbound 16 Avenue NW to Northbound Crowchild Trail NW Off-Ramp: $10.5 Million
  • 16 Avenue NW 6-Lane Widening (from 19 Street NW to Crowchild Trail NW): $18.0 Million
  • Total Budget: $28.5 Million

Business Access

We are committed to keeping business accesses open throughout construction. Detours will be clearly marked to keep citizens moving as normally as possible when we reach this phase of the project.

Public Input

Thank you to those who participated in the Open House on Monday, October 29. Online engagement is now open. Please provide your input before November 16 by visiting the Engage page:
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Project timeline

  • Public Engagement Session: Fall 2018 (Currently Here)
  • What we heard: New Year 2019
  • Utility relocations (water, gas, electrical): Spring 2019
  • Road construction: Fall 2019 (Tentative)
  • Completion: 2020 (Tentative)

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