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16 Avenue and 29 Street intersection project

Project Update - December 2016

Construction on 16 Avenue N.W. has wrapped up for the winter, on schedule; there will be no planned detours in the area until work recommences in Spring 2017. The construction agenda for next year includes some utility work; updates about construction and detours will be posted here on the project page and available via 311. Be sure to check back here regularly for project updates or contact 311 if you have any questions!

October 2016 Update
Construction has started on the 16 Avenue and 29 Street intersection. Underground and utility work will be ongoing throughout the fall and is expected to be completed in winter 2016/2017. Construction of the new intersection is scheduled to begin in spring 2017 and finish by summer 2017.

Project Overview

The 16 Avenue and 29 Street intersection project will improve traffic flow at one of the city's busiest intersections. The City will be widening 16 Avenue to six lanes where it connects with 29 Street N.W. to the south, and Uxbridge Drive to the north, and building a roundabout at Uxbridge Drive and Ulster Road N.W. The increased road capacity along 16 Avenue and 29 Street will allow surrounding businesses, residents and commuters through the area to better access key destinations such as Foothills Hospital, Foothills Professional Centre, the Stadium Shopping Centre and other amenities.

Scope of Work

Along with the construction of a roundabout, work will include some streetlight relocation, signal upgrades, underground utility relocation, road work and the implementation of new landscaping including pathways for pedestrians.

Related Projects

16 Avenue North Functional Planning Study

The City is developing concept plans for widening 16 Avenue North from four to six lanes between 19 Street N.W. and 29 Street N.W. Currently, this section of 16 Avenue North has only two lanes in each direction. Few impacts are expected because The City owns most of the required right-of-way (land). The project team will work with the community and adjacent land owners to identify and address concerns.

The widening of 16 Avenue North in this section will provide lane continuity and improve road capacity and safety. It will also provide an opportunity for a BRT station next to University Drive N.W. and McMahon Stadium.

North Crosstown BRT

The North Crosstown BRT is a key part of Calgary Transit’s primary transit network and is identified as a high priority in RouteAhead.

The North Crosstown BRT project includes station upgrades along the corridor, and the addition of transit priority measures such as queue jumps or priority signals. Transit vehicles will be given signal priority at intersections along the entire route. This is known as curbside service and has minimal infrastructure requirements while supporting active, pedestrian-friendly streets. The North Crosstown BRT will benefit transit customers by providing more reliable, direct, faster service and an overall improved customer experience. The new BRT will benefit all Calgarians by providing sustainable, affordable transportation that helps accommodate current and future growth.

Area Projects

There are a number of developments and projects along the route, such as the Crowchild Trail Study, Calgary Cancer Centre, 16 Avenue pedestrian bridge, University District and others. The project team will work with other City project teams and private industry to share information and coordinate when possible.