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16 Avenue and Home Road N.W. Upgrades

Project overview

In the spring of 2015, the community of Montgomery voiced concerns about poor sidewalks and crosswalks for pedestrians, and vehicles making illegal or unsafe left turns into parking lots along 16 Avenue N.W. between 46 Street N.W. and 49 Street N.W. Concerns regarding poor facilities and connections for cyclists along Home Road were also brought to light.

In an effort to address these concerns, The City prepared a preliminary design that was shared with the community for feedback at an open house in November 2015. After receiving feedback from the community, the design was revised and presented back to the community at a public information session hosted in June 2016.

The planned improvements for this area improve traffic operations by directing vehicles to follow designated traffic lanes, increase the safety of pedestrians trying to cross 16 Avenue N.W. at Home Rd, and prevent motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents from occurring.

The plans and conceptual drawings that were presented to the community can be viewed on the project engagement page. We are also including the bike lane design and the improvements along 16 Avenue N.W. that were revised using community feedback.

Project scope

The scope of this project included:

  • Upgraded traffic signal structures at the intersection of 16 Avenue and Home Road, including signal functionality which provides additional ‘green-light time’ when there are spikes in traffic
  • Installation of a median along 16 Avenue N.W.
  • Beautification of the area (new trees, new rock features and grass plantings in the median along 16 Avenue N.W., new light standard with banner in the median along 16 Avenue N.W.)
  • New and upgraded sidewalks in select locations
  • Installation of larger pedestrian islands and new/improved wheelchair ramps
  • Re-grading of the area in front of Safeway and replacement of the storm water pipe to improve drainage and decrease water pooling
  • Adjusting business entrances that are close to intersections for safer access
  • Installation of curb extensions on Home Road to accommodate bike lanes and improve the visibility and safety of pedestrians and cyclists at intersection crossings
  • Installation of a new pedestrian crossing and geometric improvements at the 19 Avenue and Home Road intersection in response to safety concerns heard at past engagement events
  • Installation of a new bike connection at 52 Street to improve the safety of cyclists wanting to connect to the cycle track
  • Improvement of the existing bike route (shared lanes) on Home Road into painted bike lanes to promote safe accessibility and connectivity to the Bow River Pathway system
Looking southeast across the feature median on 16 Avenue N.W.
Looking east along 16 Avenue N.W. from 49 Street N.W.*

Looking southeast across the feature median on 16 Avenue N.W.
Looking southeast across the feature median on 16 Avenue N.W.*

Looking west along 16 Avenue N.W. at Home Road.*

*Please Note: Landscaping elements may appear marginally different in-person.

Construction began in the summer of 2017 and was completed by November 2017. It took place in the following stages:

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Public engagement

Consultation with the community of Montgomery began in the spring of 2015. A series of meetings with the Montgomery Community Association took place throughout the design phase of the project. A public open house and information session were held to share the preliminary and final design with the community. For more information on the engagement that took place please visit the engagement page for this project.

More information

Construction updates provided throughout this project