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17 Ave SW construction - Getting around


14 and 15 Avenues one-way traffic in effect

14 and 15 Avenues were switched to one-way traffic between Macleod Trail and 8 Street S.W. on Thursday, June 8. 14 Avenue is now one-way westbound and 15 Avenue is one-way eastbound. Switching 14 and 15 Avenue S. to one-way streets allow us to better manage the 17 Avenue S. construction detour. We plan to have detours in place on the one-way streets for three to four blocks at a time, for up to approximately four months at a time. The construction detour will follow the construction zone on 17 Avenue S., as it moves west.

It’s all part of keeping bus routes operating on 17 Avenue S., instead of moving them onto 11 and 12 Avenues S. It also keeps the area open and connected for people who live, work and travel nearby.

Traffic will be detoured to 14 and 15 Avenue to get around the construction zone and directed back to 17 Avenue S. As the construction zone moves west, so will the construction detour.

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Detouring around construction | Detour map  |  FAQs

Detouring around construction:

While the 14 and 15 Avenue S. one-way streets will be in place for the duration of construction on 17 Avenue S., the construction detour on any given block will only be in place for three to four months. Signs will guide people around the construction zone and then back onto 17 Avenue S. As the construction zone moves west, so will the construction detour.

In the end, every block on 14 and 15 Avenue S. will experience the construction detour for approximately three to four months. Bus routes #2, #6 and #7 are the only routes that use 17 avenue S. This detour allows these popular routes to continue providing a public transit connection to 17 Avenue S. during construction.


Detour Map

Use the map below to navigate detours in and around 17 Ave during the construction.

This consultation was completed on Tuesday, June 6. If you have questions about the project or would like to receive project updates, feel free to email the project team:



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