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14 Ave - 15 Ave one way streets: 17 Ave S.W. construction

The City is investing in 17th Ave S.W. and the Beltline by upgrading the road, utilities and sidewalks on 17th Ave S., between 14th Street S.W. and Macleod Trail.
When construction is underway on 17th Ave S.W., people can get around the construction area and still get to 17th Ave S.W. by driving on the new one-way streets on westbound 14th Avenue S.W. and eastbound 15th Avenue S.W. These one-way streets, which run between 8th Street S.W. and Macleod Trail, allow drivers and transit buses to stay as close to 17th Ave S.W. and parking, during construction.
All sidewalks on 17th Ave. S.W. will remain open.
One-way extensions on 14 and 15 Avenue S.W.
The City will be extending the one-ways along 14 and 15 Avenues between 8 and 11 Street S.W. starting Wednesday, July 18. In order to facilitate this work, temporary parking restrictions will be required. Residents are asked to watch for temporary no-parking signs 24 hours in advance of implementation on July 18. Cars not moved will be ticketed and towed. Once implementation has been completed, the no-parking signs will be removed.

See how the one-way avenues work:

14th Ave S.W. one-way westbound


15th Ave S.W. one-way eastbound

These images represent the operation of a typical one-way block on westbound 14th Avenue S.W. and eastbound 15th Avenue S.W. Individual blocks and intersections may operate differently depending on the surrounding environment.


14-15 Ave Detour FAQ


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