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52 Street S.E. Widening Project

The 52 Street S.E. widening project has now won two major awards in 2013. At the Project Management Institute, Southern Alberta Chapter (PMI-SAC) Conference in November, the 52 Street S.E. project won Project of the Year honours in the Engineering and Construction category.

52 Street S.E. widening was also one of three City of Calgary projects to receive top honours at the 2013 American Concrete Institute (Alberta Chapter) Award of Excellence banquet in May.

This video presents a brief summary of the complexities involved in the 52 Street SE widening project. Permission granted from PMI-SAC and Popeye Media

Construction update

Top lift paving of 52 Street S.E. is now complete.

Top lift paving (the placement of the final surface layer of asphalt on the roadway) is a normal part of all major roadway construction projects and typically occurs within a few years following the original construction work. It is typically deferred for a period of time to allow for pavement structure settlement that may occur due to the deep utility work completed as part of the project.

As part of the process to complete the 52 Street S.E. widening project, this work involved paving six lanes of 52 Street from Glenmore Trail to 106 Avenue, and four lanes from 114 Avenue to 130 Avenue. Additionally, the intersection of Glenmore Trail and 52 Street was paved, as well as the new business access roads that The City built as part of the widening project.

Roadway Reopened

The City of Calgary reopened 52 Street S.E. on September 29, 2012 with a new six-lane roadway and bridge structures over the Canadian Pacific Railway tracks and Western Headwork Canal.

The new improved 52 Street S.E. has reopened to traffic
The new improved 52 Street S.E. has reopened to traffic.

Project scope

This project was divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Widening of 52 Street from Glenmore Trail to 90 Avenue S.E.
  • Phase 2: Widening of 52 Street from 114 Avenue to 130 Avenue S.E.
  • Phase 3: Widening of 52 Street from 90 Avenue to 106 Avenue S.E.
* 52 Street between 106 Avenue S.E. and 114 Avenue S.E. was widened to six lanes at an earlier time.

Project budget

The overall budget for the widening project was $110.2 million and includes upgrading and enhancing the road and intersection systems (including more than 22 lane/kilometres of new roads), creating a new supporting road network, upgrading storm systems, pipeline relocation, land acquisitions, enhanced street lights and traffic signals, and development of a regional pathway system.

Funding came from all three orders of government.

Bike paths

This project includes a Regional Pathway for cyclists on the west side of 52 Street between Glenmore Trail and 130 Avenue S.E. This pathway connects with the Regional Pathway that runs east/west along the Western Headworks Canal underneath the new 52 Street bridge structures.

A pedestrian sidewalk was also included on the east side of 52 Street between Glenmore Trail and 114 Avenue S.E.

More information

Transportation Infrastructure is committed to keeping citizens informed about this project, and details will be updated on this site on an ongoing basis. For more information, please fill out the online form or call 311.

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