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61 Avenue S.W. Greenway Corridor

The project team has now completed the 61 Avenue S.W. Greenway Corridor redevelopment project.

Project background

The 2008 Chinook Station Area Plan (SAP) aims to create an attractive, walkable and complete urban corridor, with a stronger connection between Chinook LRT Station and Chinook Centre, opportunities for economic development, and balanced mobility choices with enhanced opportunities for travel by foot, bicycle and transit. The SAP proposes a pedestrian overpass bridging the 61 Avenue S.W. corridor and Chinook Centre. The pedestrian overpass is not part of this corridor project, and information regarding the pedestrian overpass will become available in due course.

The SAP identified 61 Avenue S.W. as a Major Activity Centre in the new Municipal Development Plan (MDP). 61 Avenue S.W. between Centre Street and Macleod Trail is considered one of the busiest pedestrian corridors outside of the downtown core and currently supports pedestrian traffic beyond its designed capabilities.

This node will act as a centre for accessible shopping (including Chinook Centre and the shops along 61 Avenue S.W.), employment and residential opportunities, as well as a transit hub to many other parts of the city by LRT and bus.

Urban Systems Ltd. and Gehl Architecture have been retained by The City of Calgary to complete preliminary design for the corridor. 

Project scope

The project was designed to make the corridor a safe, appealing, attractive and complete urban corridor. Improvements include: 

  • New, wider multi-use pathways
  • Landscaping
  • Improved lighting
  • Street furniture
  • Transit plaza enhancements

Project timeline

  • Conceptual/preliminary design - Completed Spring 2015
  • Public Open House – April 26, 2015
  • Detailed design - Completed Fall 2015
  • Information Sessions - April 30, May 3 & 5, 2016
  • Construction - Anticipated for May 2016
  • Substantial Completion - Fall 2016
  • Landscaping, paving - Spring 2017
  • Construction Completion - Summer 2017

Project budget

The approved council budget for the project was $9 million from the Investing in Mobility budget.

Project benefits

  • Create an enjoyable, safe and more appealing space in a high volume pedestrian area
  • Improve safety for multiple modes of travel.
  • Support employment and residential redevelopment of the Chinook Major Activity Center, as defined in the Municipal Development Plan.
  • Reduce long-term infrastructure and operating costs by supporting redevelopment and slowing the outward expansion of Calgary, as outlined in the Investing in Mobility plan.

Project challenges

  • Existing Transit hub (Chinook Station) and CP Rail crossing
  • Frequent transit routes along 61 Avenue S.W.
  • High existing traffic volumes
  • Limited existing City right-of-way

Project engagement

Stakeholder communication and engagement was an important component of the 61 Avenue S.W. Greenway Corridor project planning process. We listened to stakeholders and learned about their plans, views, issues, concerns and expectations and ideas.

  • Gehl Architecture conducted a preliminary visioning exercise in January, 2015. Positioned around Chinook Centre and Chinook LRT Station during peak shopping and pedestrian hours, Gehl asked passersby to identify the qualities that would make 61 Avenue S.W. more enjoyable, appealing and safe. This, combined with the 2008 Chinook Station Area Plan, informed the initial architectural response.
  • Members of the public were invited to a public open house on April 29, 2015, and invited to complete an online survey, to provide their input on the preliminary design for the redevelopment. See the results of the public consultation.
  • The project team held three information sessions in May 2016 at Chinook Centre to update the public on final designs and timelines.

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