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61 Avenue S.E. Extension

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Construction update

Construction continues on this project that involves a two-lane roadway from the Transportation/Utilities Corridor to 68 Street S.E. and a four-lane roadway from 68 Street S.E. to 57 Street S.E., including a four-lane bridge over Forest Lawn Creek.

Surface work (laying of gravel and asphalt, pathway and sidewalk construction, and streetlight installation) is nearing completion.

It’s anticipated that the new roadway will open for traffic on June 24, 2016.

Project scope

The project includes:

This project is divided into two parts:

  • Phase 1 – Initial construction activities – stripping, dewatering and stockpiling
  • Phase 2 – Roadworks, stormwater management system and bridge construction

Project timeline

  • March 2015 - Beginning of Phase 1 construction
  • May 2015 - Roadway, bridge and stormwater designs completed
  • Fall 2015 - Completion of Phase 1 construction
  • Summer 2015 - Beginning of Phase 2 construction
  • Summer 2016 - Completion of construction
  • June 24, 2016 - Completion of construction and opening of new roadway

Project budget

$23.5 million, which includes costs for land acquisition, engineering/design/surveying, construction, environmental mitigation and contingency.

Project summary/background

As a part of the agreement between The City and The Province of Alberta, The City is required to construct roadway connections to the South East Ring Road at specific locations to accommodate the flow and movement of traffic.

This project will affect wetlands to some degree; mitigation strategies have been developed and will be applied to minimize any impacts. Alternative roadway alignments were explored to ensure this project finds the right balance among environmental, economic and social factors.

Public engagement

Engagement has occurred with affected stakeholders.

If you have any questions or require more information about this project, please fill out the online form.


This project will result in some road restrictions, primarily for localized traffic.

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  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension

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