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61 Avenue S.E. Extension

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Project update

The new roadway opened for traffic on June 24, 2016. Watch this video of the project construction.

The project involved the construction of a two-lane roadway from the Transportation/Utilities Corridor to 68 Street S.E. and a four-lane roadway from 68 Street S.E. to 57 Street S.E., including a four-lane bridge over Forest Lawn Creek.

Project timeline

  • March 2015 - Beginning of construction
  • June 23, 2016 - Completion of construction and Celebration Event
  • June 24, 2016 - Opening of new roadway


$23.5 million, which included costs for land acquisition, engineering/design/surveying, construction, environmental mitigation and contingency.

Project background

As a part of the agreement between The City and The Province of Alberta, The City is required to construct roadway connections to the South East Ring Road at specific locations to accommodate the flow and movement of traffic.

Environmental protection and improvements

The project team made sure that the sensitive environmental elements were well protected, recognizing that the project would have some affect on local wetlands. Working with Alberta Environment and The City’s Parks department, all mitigation strategies available were applied to minimize these impacts. Also, alternative roadway alignments were explored to ensure this project found the right balance among environmental, economic and social factors.

Some of the key environmental protection initiatives included construction of a longer bridge over Forest Lawn Creek to allow for safer movement of animals along the creek, upgrades to the wetlands area along 61 Avenue, and construction of a sidewalk and regional pathway.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension
  • 61 Avenue S.E. Extension

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