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85 St and 112 Ave N.W. Intersection improvements



Improving intersections along 85 St N.W. will increase this road's capacity of carrying truck traffic. It will minimize delays for vehicles traveling southbound on 85 St N.W. and wanting to turn left at the intersection of 85 St and 112 Ave N.W. This will increase the overall safety of this corridor.
85 St N.W. is located along the gravel pits. Heavy truck traffic on this road is one of the highest in the city. 85 St N.W. is currently only a two-lane, undivided roadway with five main intersections between 112 Ave and 144 Ave N.W. This roadway provides access to various businesses, including gravel pits in the area thus carrying very high volumes of truck traffic.

Project Scope

We're upgrading the 85 St and 112 Ave N.W. intersection. Highlights of these upgrades include:
  • Widening 85 St N.W. to a four-lane roadway - beginning north of the 85 St/112 Ave NW intersection for 300 meters before it tapers back down to the existing two-lane roadway.
  • Adding a left-hand turning lane (there will be two left-hand turning lanes in total) from southbound 85 St to eastbound 112 Ave N.W.
  • Adding a protected left turn lane from northbound 85 St to westbound 112 Ave N.W.
  • Upgrades to the storm water management system in the area.
  • Upgrades to the street lights and traffic lights in the area.
85 St and 112 Ave N.W. intersection overview 


$2.6 million


June/July 2018: Construction begins
October 2018: Construction completed

Why the upgrades?

  • Right now, long line-ups are leading to frustration and dangerous short-cutting.
  • Upgrades will increase safety and foster a more effective transportation system in the area.
  • Upgrades will improve traffic capacity, resulting in safe accessibility on the corridor and to surrounding businesses.

Before and After shots

85 St & 112 Ave N.W. - Before

85 St and 112 Ave N.W. intersection rendering - Before
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85 St & 112 Ave N.W. - After

85 St and 112 Ave N.W. intersection rendering - After
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