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90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive connections

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The City is constructing the extension and connection of both 90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive within the city limits to the Southwest Ring Road (SWRR). These connections will improve the local road network by distributing traffic more evenly in the area. These connections will also provide easy access to the SWRR for people travelling north and south - another travel option instead of using 14 Street S.W.

Project update

The design work for the 90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive connections is nearing completion and construction is expected to start in the spring of 2018.

ATCO Gas work near 90 Avenue S.W. and 14 Street S.W.

ATCO Gas is working in the area. As part of their Urban Pipeline Replacement (UPR) program, they are moving the high-pressure natural gas lines into Calgary's Transportation Utility Corridor for a variety of reasons including: safety, capacity and to update vintage pipelines and technology. Looking for more information on the work? Check out ATCO's Southwest Calgary Connector project web page​ for details.

About the project

The City is responsible for the design and construction of this project because it is located within the city limits. It features a number of benefits:

  • Creating pathway connections under 90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive. These well lit underpasses will create a safe and uninterrupted pathway between communities, the current off-leash dog park, as well as South Glenmore and Fish Creek parks. These pathways will be maintained year-round, which will include snow removal during the winter months.
  • Widening Southland Drive from two to four lanes between Oakmoor Way and Oakfield Drive S.W. to match the rest of the roadway.
  • Helps redistribute traffic in and out of the community.
  • Installing traffic signals and a pedestrian crossing at the Southland Drive and Oakfield Drive S.W. intersection.
  • Access to the Oakridge off-leash area and pathway system will remain in place with temporary adjustments to accommodate construction.
  • A noise study to determine if noise walls are required, as guided by The City's Surface Noise Policy.

After the SWRR opens and traffic settles into its new pattern, the City will be monitoring several intersections along 90 Avenue S.W., in case further modifications to the road or intersections are necessary.


The following drawings and images show the current design of the 90 Avenue and Southland Drive S.W. connections and the pathway connections, including underpass renderings. This drawing provides an overall view of the area and how it will integrate to the SWRR.

Project timeline

Design: Fall 2016 - Fall 2017
Construction: Early 2018 - Late 2018
Road opening: Late 2021 in conjunction with the completion of the Southwest Ring Road

Public engagement/communications

Public engagement and communications has occurred regularly in relation to this project, going back to the fall of 2014. Recently, the City held a public information session in May 2017 to update the community on the status of the project and provide more detailed information and answered questions related to the project. On Nov. 9, 2017, the project team provided an update to the Oakridge Community Association Board of Directors.

Calgary's southwest ring road

This project is one of several City-led projects to connect Calgary's road network to the ring road. To learn more about these other projects, as well as information on SWRR, including construction schedule, design and the history of the project, visit Calgary's southwest ring road home page.

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