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Crowchild Trail bridge over Bow River rehabilitation

Project Overview

As part of the Crowchild Trail Study short-term recommendations, The City of Calgary will be adding an additional lane to Crowchild Trail, in both directions, over the Bow River. This work will be conducted in conjunction with the bridge rehabilitation work that began spring 2016. In addition, the entrance ramps from Bow Trail to northbound Crowchild Trail will be moved to the right hand side. These changes reduce weaving that currently exists on the bridge and improves travel times for commuters.

The first part of the bridge rehabilitation work began in April 2016 and the majority of the work was limited to the underside of the bridge only. Bridge bearing plates were replaced as they have reached the end of their life cycle.

The bridge widening has been approved by Council and if funding becomes available, may be completed by the end of 2019. As this project progresses, more information about the timing and construction will be posted on this webpage.