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Crowchild Trail/Flanders Avenue Interchange

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Project update

The final design for the Crowchild Trail/Flanders Avenue Interchange was approved by City Council in November 2014. The design reflects the extensive input generated during public consultations from December 2013 to June 2014.

Construction of the Crowchild Trail/Flanders Avenue Interchange is now underway. The Flanders Avenue Bridge has been demolished, and Flanders Avenue is closed from Richard Road S.W. east to Amiens Road S.W. Both the bridge and the new roundabouts will be open to traffic in fall 2016.

During construction, access across Crowchild Trail and to northbound Crowchild Trail is available at 50 Avenue/Mount Royal Gate SW or 33 Avenue S.W. Crowchild Trail will remain open during construction.

Project scope

The approved upgrades to the existing Crowchild Trail/Flanders Avenue Interchange structure were developed by The City of Calgary and Canada Lands Company (CLC) to make the interchange better for Calgarians. The new design will:


In 2008, City Council approved an upgrading plan to improve traffic flow at the Crowchild Trail and Flanders Avenue S.W. interchange. Features of the 2008 approved plan included:

  • Transit-only access on northbound Richard Road.
  • A single-lane roundabout at the east side of the interchange.
  • An additional ramp from southbound Crowchild Trail, to bypass Flanders Avenue.
  • Retaining the existing bridge and sidewalks.

Funding for the construction of the 2008 plan was unavailable until 2013, when City Council approved Canada Lands Company to develop the interchange with The City through the Borrowing Bylaw 9B2013.

Public engagement

Together, Canada Lands Company, Transportation Planning and consultants – Watt Consulting Group and ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd., completed its comprehensive engagement program in June 2014. Through the public consultation process, we kept citizens and stakeholders informed. We listened to and acknowledged concerns and aspirations and provided feedback on how public input influenced the decision.

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Next steps

  • Canada Lands Company and the design-build contractor will oversee the construction process. The City is the approving authority of the work.
  • The new Flanders Interchange will open to traffic in fall 2016. Landscaping and final finishing work will begin in spring 2017, with all interchange construction complete in summer 2017.
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