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Glenmore Trail / 52 Street S.E. Intersection Improvements

Construction update

Construction was completed ahead of schedule and since September 28, 2016, Calgarians have been enjoying these intersection improvements.

About the project

The upgrades at Glenmore Trail and 52 Street SE help to improve the safety, traffic flow and efficiency of the intersection.

The project included:

  • Construction of dual left turns in all directions
  • An upgrade to the existing stormwater management system
  • Major utility relocations
  • Upgrade traffic signals to new traffic conditions (dual left in all directions)
  • Improve street lighting
  • Adjust existing pathway in the area
  • Landscaping (topsoil and seeding)

Project timeline

  • Early 2016 - Relocation of utilities
  • April 2016 - General contractor chosen
  • May 2016 - Construction begins
  • Sept 28, 2016 - Project completion

Project budget

$4.3 million

Project summary/background

The City is constructing an interchange at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road which will provide free flow traffic west to Highway 8. In anticipation of a continuous stream of traffic to and from the Glenmore Trail interchange, The City is also upgrading the intersection at Barlow Trail.

With these upgrades, Glenmore Trail and 52 Street SE will be directly impacted and is already experiencing traffic congestion. Constructing dual left turns in all directions will not only address the downstream impacts of Ogden Road interchange, but also the existing westbound to southbound, and southbound to eastbound congestion during peak periods.


If you have any questions or require more information about this project, please fill out the online form.

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