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Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road S.E. Interchange

Project plan FAQ document

Construction update - November 23, 2017

Motorists began using the new Glenmore Trail between 18 Street S.E. and Barlow Trail in July 2017. Watch a video of the opening event.

The new six-lane road includes two bridges, one over Ogden Road and the other one spanning the CPR and CNR railway tracks and the Western Headworks Canal.

Motorists are pleased with the removal of ground level railway crossings on Glenmore Trail between 18 Street S.E. and Barlow Trail which in the past resulted in significant delays for the 40,000 vehicles that use Glenmore Trail each day.

People walking and cycling will note that the old eastbound and westbound Glenmore Trail bridges over the Western Headworks Canal have been removed, and that the new pathway across the CPR, Canal, and CNR should now be used.

Project benefits

This project increases capacity on one of Calgary's busiest commercial goods movement corridors at a location that is one of the most significant bottlenecks on a major roadway, due in large part to train crossings. These railway crossings have now been removed for Glenmore Trail between 18 Street S.E. and Barlow Trail.

Motorists are now able to travel on Glenmore Trail with no signal lights between Barlow Trail S.E. and Sarcee Trail S.W.

The project also provides local access to 30 Street and 31 Street through the construction of a service road, and includes improvements to the intersection at Glenmore Trail and Barlow Trail.

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About the project

The project includes:

  • New interchange at Glenmore Trail and Ogden Road, including a new bridge over Ogden Road
  • New roadway on Glenmore Trail between Ogden Road and Barlow Trail
  • New bridge over CPR and CNR tracks, Western Headworks Canal and future Southeast LRT tracks
  • Realignment of Ogden Road
  • Eventual closure of Shepard Road south of Glenmore Trail, to be replaced by a new roadway at 26 Street
  • Implementation of new storm water management and relocation of water and sanitary lines as necessary
  • Utility relocations
  • Improved street lighting
  • Construction of sidewalks and pathways
  • Landscaping

Project timeline

  • August 2015 - Major construction activities begin including building of the Glenmore Trail detour
  • July 2016 - Stage 1 detour begins
  • November 2016 - Stage 2 detour begins
  • May 2017 - Stage 3 detour begins
  • July 18, 2017 - Official opening of new Glenmore Trail S.E. roadway
  • Late 2017 - Anticipated project completion

Project budget

$90 million

Traffic impacts

The opening of this section of Glenmore Trail, has made travel smoother because it allows motorists to go over top of the ground level railway crossings.

Implementation of this change to traffic flow has also introduced some other changes:

  • The Glenmore Inn access to WB Glenmore Trail has been removed permanently. Access to the Glenmore Inn and Glenmore Commerce Court will now be solely from Ogden Road and 80th Ave.
  • Motorists wanting to access the Glenmore Inn/Glenmore Commerce Court and Plaza are directed to use the Glenmore Trail exit to Ogden/24th St., with EB traffic turning north under the Ogden Bridge, and WB traffic turning north away from the Ogden Bridge.
  • Access to the Canadian Leisure RV business is from WB Glenmore Trail to the newly constructed service road.
  • Access to Ogden Industrial Park from Glenmore Trail will be at 31 Street. Exiting from Ogden Industrial Park will be to the north by Barlow Trail. Access to Glenmore Trail from 30 St. and 31 St. will return upon completion of utility and road work along the old Glenmore Trail alignments.

Project summary/background

In 2006 The City conducted a functional study to identify the interim and long-term upgrades for Glenmore Trail between Blackfoot Trail and Barlow Trail. The study recommended a diamond interchange for Ogden Road with a bridge over the railroad tracks and WHC. The project includes reconstruction of a significant portion of the main travel lanes on Glenmore Trail between 18 Street and Barlow Trail and provides local access to 30 and 31 Streets through the construction of service roads.

In addition to improving traffic flow on Glenmore Trail the proposed interchange will provide for improved transit travel time for BRT route 302 using the Ogden Road/Glenmore Trail crossing. With the future Southeast LRT being adjacent to the CPR tracks, the bridge over the tracks will enable The City to have complete grade separation for the future LRT line.

Public Art

Local Alberta artists, Verne Busby and Bella Totino, have created a series of designs of bright mosaic tile which have now been installed along the six pier faces of the Ogden Road bridge structure.

These panels reflect the area’s past, present and future forms of transportation and transit and are visible to pedestrians, transit users, cyclists and motorists along Ogden Road beneath the new Glenmore Trail.

Public engagement/communications

Communications and stakeholder and public engagement has occurred regularly in relation to this project.

A total of four public information sessions have been held about this project, along with a number of meetings with impacted businesses. Another information session was held in conjunction with construction work related to Graves Bridge and potential at-grade improvements to the intersection.

Please fill out the online form if you have questions or require more information.

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