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Glenmore Trail widening and interchange upgrade

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Project update - November 26, 2018

When winter weather comes, roadworks for the project will stop for 2018 and resume again in spring 2019.

However, work will continue through the winter months on the new pedestrian bridge over Crowchild Trail at 54 Avenue S.W., and on a new noise barrier along Layzell Road between 55 Avenue and 58 Avenue S.W. The new pedestrian overpass will be more convenient than the current pedestrian bridge near 55 Avenue and will enhance the experience of people walking and cycling in this area. When completed, the old pedestrian bridge and existing noise barrier will be removed,

Work will continue on all elements of the project in 2019.

The City would like to thank area residents and businesses, as well as commuters using Glenmore Trail and Crowchild Trail, for their patience and understanding in our effort to complete this project as efficiently as possible.


City projects in southwest Calgary

See further information on construction updates in southwest Calgary.


About the project

The Glenmore Trail Widening and Interchange Improvements project is one of several City-led projects to connect Calgary's road network to the ring road and will accommodate changes to traffic volume and patterns that are expected after the opening of the Southwest Ring Road.

The widening of Glenmore Trail to six lanes between 37 Street and Crowchild Trail S.W. will provide better access to and from the SWRR and will result in improvements to the overall transportation network.

The upgrade to the Glenmore Trail/Crowchild Trail S.W. interchange will modify the current interchange to manage traffic that's moving east to north and south to west.

A City study to update the long-term plans for the Glenmore Trail/Crowchild Trail S.W. interchange will occur in the future.

This project includes the following features:

Project timeline

Design: Late 2017 - Spring 2018
Construction: Summer 2018 - Fall 2019
Road completion: Fall 2019


While every effort is made to avoid impact to trees, a total of 127 trees need to be removed as part of the project. Removal of the first group of 79 trees (Phase 1) is now complete. Trees under phase 2 are anticipated to be removed in early 2019. The project team is working with The City's Urban Forestry on a tree replacement plan for suitable locations within nearby communities.

Southwest BRT and Crowchild Trail bridge design

When travelling southbound on Crowchild Trail, the SW BRT buses will primarily use the Crowchild Trail flyover to get to eastbound Glenmore Trail, avoiding the Crowchild Trail bridge and the Lakeview bus by-pass, altogether. When congestion levels on the flyover have the potential to delay the bus (caused by the morning and afternoon rush hours, a vehicle accident, high traffic volumes), the BRT buses would continue to travel south across the Crowchild Trail bridge and turn left from its own left-hand turn lane, onto the Lakeview bus by-pass lane. Buses are expected to yield to oncoming traffic, so they would only turn left, when there's a break in traffic. See the left turn movement here.

This design is expected to have minimal effects on traffic flow, as there's no additional traffic signals required for that left turn. Also, traffic flow on the Crowchild Trail bridge is not impacted by the SW BRT travelling from westbound Glenmore Trail to northbound Crowchild Trail. See more details about the Southwest BRT project​​.

Calgary's southwest ring road

The City is responsible for the design and construction of the projects connecting Calgary's road network to the ring road because they are located within city limits. This drawing shows an overall view of the area and how it will integrate to the South West Ring Road.

To learn more about the other projects, as well as information on SWCRR, including construction schedule, design and the history of the project, visit Calgary's southwest ring road home page.

West Calgary ring road

The West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR), between Highway 8 and the Trans-Canada Highway, contains the final nine kilometres of the Calgary Ring Road. Most of the road will be built on the existing Transportation Utility Corridor owned by the Government of Alberta.

The WCRR project will be completed in three parts – the north project, south project, and twinning of the bridge over the Bow River. For more information on this project, visit the West Calgary Ring Road home page.

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