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McKnight Boulevard N.E. widening project

Project update – Aug. 19, 2016

  • Crews are working steadily towards a project completion date of September 30, 2016*. The project is being completed on time and on budget.
  • McKnight Boulevard N.E. is being widened from four to six lanes and reconstructed between 12 and 19 Streets N.E., over a two-year period (2015-2016).
  • During the 2015 construction season, crews built two new lanes in the median between 12 and 19 Streets N.E., which are being used as alternate lanes during the reconstruction process.
  • At the end of August, traffic will be shifted from the two south lanes to the two north lanes.
  • Although six lanes of pavement are now mostly complete, traffic can only use four lanes at a time as crews work on the final touches that will allow six lanes of traffic to use the lanes.
  • Crews will continue on completion work such as installing signals for the new traffic configuration, constructing concrete barriers in the median, and completing paving and landscaping.
  • Final construction will require some intermittent lane closures.
  • The new pathway on the south side will open for use when the new lanes are all open.

Thank you for your continued patience during construction.

  • The City of Calgary would like to thank everyone impacted by the construction for their continued patience during the construction process.
  • For everyone’s safety, please continue to follow all onsite signage regarding speed and other instructions.
  • Speed is reduced to 50 km/h from 70 km/h in the construction area.

Alberta Transportation bridge repair project

  • Alberta Transportation is undertaking bridge rehabilitation work on the bridge over Deerfoot Trail at McKnight Boulevard N.E.
  • Work started in early August and will last for six to eight weeks*.
  • The project will involve lane closures, but two lanes will remain open for traffic in each direction. The lanes will be narrowed and access to the bridge for semi-trailer trucks will be restricted from all directions.
  • The McKnight Boulevard N.E. Widening Project and Alberta Transportation will coordinate their construction in order to minimize traffic impacts.
  • Please call 511 or visit for information related to Alberta Transportation projects.

Special notice to LCV Carriers:
Long Combination Vehicles (LCVs) will be restricted on ramps during the entire project. Affected trucks must find alternate routes. Ramps will include:

  • Deerfoot Trail travelling southbound, with access to McKnight Boulevard eastbound
  • Deerfoot Trail travelling northbound, with access to McKnight Boulevard westbound
*Please note: All timelines are approximate and can change based on weather and/or site conditions.

Temporary access closure to 15 Street N.E./Aviation Road N.E. from McKnight Boulevard

  • On westbound McKnight Boulevard, right-in and right-out access to15 Street N.E. was closed in June to accommodateconstruction work.
  • 15 Street N.E. will re-open for right-in and right-out access in the fall, most likely when the project is complete.
  • There is currently no access onto eastbound lanes of McKnight Boulevard to and from 15 Street N.E. and this closure will remain in place permanently.

Project background

  • McKnight Boulevard N.E. was recommended for an upgrade in The City’s Investing in Mobility Plan, which includes widening the road from four to six lanes and reconstructing the existing road bed to improve the pavement condition.
  • Widening McKnight Boulevard N.E. from four to six lanes from 12 Street N.E. to 19 Street N.E., will increase capacity by 50 per cent, plus it will provide six traffic lanes continuously from Deerfoot Trail to Metis Trail.
  • McKnight Boulevard N.E. carries some of the highest commercial truck volumes in Calgary. The roadway has become deteriorated over time and traffic volumes have increased considerably since the road was originally built.
  • This project will be closely coordinated with the McKnight Boulevard N.E. Transportation Study to ensure the road design is optimized as much as possible to meet the current and future needs of this important transportation corridor.

Project scope

  • Please view the attached map to see the work area for this project.
  • McKnight Boulevard N.E. will be widened in the median from four to six lanes between 12 and 19 Streets N.E. and the existing road bed will be reconstructed.
  • A pathway is being added on the south side.
  • There will be intersection improvements at 12 and 19 Streets N.E.
  • 15 Street N.E. has been changed to right-in/right-out access only for westbound traffic and the left turn for eastbound traffic has been removed.
  • There will be new street lighting and utilities will be upgraded and re-located where needed.


  • During the summer and fall of 2015, two new lanes were added in the median between 12 and 19 Streets N.E.
  • During the 2016 construction season, crews will reconstruct the south side of McKnight Boulevard and then the north side. Traffic will be directed onto the new lanes in the median.
  • Project end – fall 2016.

*Road construction is very dependent on weather and site conditions. More information will be provided closer to the start date, but timelines can change.


$17 million


The City of Calgary will communicate with the public and impacted businesses about the construction before it begins and on an ongoing basis throughout construction. The web page will be the primary source for updated information.
Approximately 75 people attended an information session on May 6, 2015 about the widening and reconstruction. As a result of discussions at the event with bicycle riders, the pathway along the south side will be extended to past 12 Street N.E. and join up with a cul-de-sac at 48 Avenue N.E. Please see the attached board, which shows the pathway extension.

More information

Please fill out the online form if you have questions or require more information.