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Spruce Meadows Way S.W. widening

Project update – March 26, 2018 

Construction of this project could not be completed in 2017 due to poor weather conditions and an early start to winter.

Spruce Meadows Way is currently operating with two lanes of traffic. Construction will resume in the spring of 2018 and is expected to be completed by the summer.


About the project

This project is one of several City-led projects to connect Calgary’s road network to the ring road and will accommodate changes to traffic volume and patterns that are expected after the opening of the SWRR.

This project includes the following features:

  • Upgrading Spruce Meadows Way from the current two-lane rural road to a four-lane arterial roadway between the SWCRR and 194 Avenue S.W. This will improve access for the community of Silverado, as well as area businesses and future developments.
  • Provides a more efficient option for people travelling to and from the SWCRR.
  • Improved street lighting.
  • Relocation of Enmax power lines.
  • Landscaping.

Project timeline

Construction: Spring 2017 – Summer 2018
Project completion: Summer 2018

Public engagement/communications

Updates about the progress of this project are communicated through this webpage.

You can learn more about a related project, the Macleod Trail / 194 Avenue S - West Connection on the project webpage.

Calgary’s southwest ring road

The City is responsible for the design and construction of the projects connecting Calgary’s road network to the ring road because they are located within city limits. This drawing shows an overall view of the area and how it will integrate to the SWRR.

To learn more about these other projects, as well as information on SWCRR, including construction, schedule, design and the history of the project, visit Calgary’s southwest ring road home page.


Please fill out the online form if you have questions or require more information about this project or the SWCRR, or you can email the project team at: