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17 Ave S.E. BRT - Phase 1: 28 Street S.E. to Hubalta Road S.E.

Construction Update - February 2018

In the next few weeks residents and businesses will start to see the BRT bridges really start to take shape. Crews will be putting the girders in place for the bridge over Deerfoot Trail. To make sure this work can be done safely, there will be three road closures this month:

  • UPDATE: February 20 – 22, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.: Deerfoot Trail will be closed for north and southbound traffic. Southbound traffic will be detoured onto Blackfoot Trail, and northbound traffic will be detoured onto Peigan Trail.
  • February 26 – 28, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.: 17 Avenue SE southbound on ramp to Deerfoot Trail will be closed. Traffic will be detoured to Memorial Drive or Blackfoot Trail.
  • March 5 – 7, 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.: Northbound traffic off ramp from Deerfoot Trail to 17 Avenue SE will be closed. Traffic will be detoured onto Memorial Drive.

For more information about the work happening this month have a look at the construction update.

We're working on the schedule for 2018 construction and will post information as soon as it is available.

The temporary accesses and driveways along that Avenue will be in place until crews are back on site:


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The City of Calgary has started construction for Phase 1 of the 17 Avenue S.E. BRT project from 28 Street S.E. to Hubalta Road S.E.

17 Ave S.E. is culturally diverse and unique, and The City is working to maintain that. We will be:

  • Constructing dedicated bus lanes on 17 Avenue S.E. between 28 Street S.E. and Hubalta Road S.E.
  • Building new BRT stations, which will include: canopies for shelter, enhanced lighting, real time travel information, heated waiting areas, and furnishings.
  • Rebuilding and revitalizing infrastructure on 17 Avenue S.E. including wider sidewalks, boulevards, and landscaping

Phase 2 of the project will extend the BRT to Inglewood, along 17 Avenue S.E. to 9 Avenue. S.E. A study and preliminary design for a future phase of the project, along 17 Avenue S.E. from Hubalta Road to 70 Street S.E. is also complete.

17 Ave S.E. BRT construction schedule

Don't let construction get you down. We are committed to maintaining access to 17 Avenue S.E. during construction. It's important this area remains a vibrant place where people can visit, enjoy a meal, and get to where they need to go. We will work to keep four lanes of traffic open during peak time, with two lanes in each direction whenever possible so we can keep the traffic moving.

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Parking won't stop you

No one likes finding a parking spot – let us help you. Check out our map of side street parking to see where you'll be able to park throughout construction.

Side street parking:
Before construction begins, side street parking will be adapted to make sure you have space to park, whether you live in the area or are there to shop.

On-street parking:
We know access to parking is important. On-street parking changes for 17 Avenue S.E. will be made block-by-block as construction moves forward. Parking changes will only be made to blocks once construction begins on them.

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

What will 17 Ave. S.E. look like?

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

Phase 1 map

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Phase 1 project timeline

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Phase 1 engagement

Through the design process, The City talked to Calgarians, the International Avenue BRZ, and local business. Hosting several store-front events, attending public meetings and dropping in at local events, The City worked with Calgarians to understand how the project would impact them.

Thanks to the community's contribution and feedback, several design and planning changes have been made to Phase 1 of the project. They include:

  • Revised parking options to maximize parking throughout the area
  • Efforts to minimize impacts to businesses, including maintaining business access during construction
  • Urban design changes to the street, such as street furniture, plants/planters and lighting
  • Station design selection


The City is designing and building a Transitway on 17 Avenue S.E. to reduce travel times and increase reliability for Calgarians travelling to and through the southeast. The project will also provide safety improvements for people walking and cycling.

The 17 Avenue S.E. BRT is one of four projects in the BRT Program. The capital budget approved by City council in 2014 allocated $78 million to the BRT Program, which includes the South Crosstown, North Crosstown, 17 Avenue S.E. Phase I, and Southwest BRT projects. In the fall of 2015 the Government of Alberta approved the City of Calgary's application for $130 million in GreenTRIP funding for the BRT Program, bringing the total approved BRT program funding to $208 million. The 17 Avenue S.E. phase 1 project has a budget of $96 million. This investment supports Calgary's growing rapid transit network, which includes four new BRT projects and the Greenline.

Transitways are dedicated bus-only lanes for the exclusive use of transit and emergency vehicles. Transitways bypass congestion on existing roads. They provide transit customers with a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduced travel times
  • Increased speed
  • Improved schedule reliability
  • Increased customer safety by reducing conflicts with transit vehicles
  • Reduced operating costs

For more information and background on the project see the sections below:


17 Ave SE BRT


For project inquiries, please contact: or call 311 ​​​​​​​