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17 Ave S.E. BRT Phase 1: 28 Street to Hubalta Road S.E.


Project update - April 2019

Construction update

Crews are getting ready to start work on the last pieces of work for the MAX Purple line in the coming weeks.

17 Avenue S.E. at 26 and 28 Street S.E.:

  • Starting mid-April until early June, crews will be working at these intersections to finish up concrete and road works.
  • Westbound 17 Avenue S.E. will be reduced to one lane between 28 and 26 Street S.E.
  • At 17 Avenue and 26 Street S.E., there will be lane restrictions for northbound 26 Street S.E. traffic during non-peak hours so crews can complete concrete and road work by the MAX station.
  • Pedestrian detours will be in place on the west side of 28 Street S.E. and the east side of 26 Street S.E. You can see the full pedestrian detour here​.

BRT service update - MAX Purple

MAX is Calgary's new rapid transit service that takes you to major destinations across the city with more convenience, more comfort, and more connections than ever before.

MAX Purple serves key destinations such as Forest Lawn, International Avenue, Inglewood and Downtown.​

Phase 1 project overview

Phase 1 of the 17 Avenue S.E. BRT project refers to the section between 26 Street S.E. and Hubalta Road S.E. Construction included building transit-only lanes, new transit stations and many safety features for transit customers as well as people who walk and cycle in the area.

Phase 1 construction map

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Phase 2 ​construction map

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BRT service overview

BRT services provide a number of benefits to transit customers, including:

  • Convenience. Fewer stops, fewer transfers to get to final destinations, next bus arrival time displays at stations.
  • Less travel time, more reliability. Dedicated transit lanes get customers to destinations more quickly and reliably.
  • ​Comfort and safety. Stations include enhanced lighting and CCTV, heat and larger platforms.
  • Connections. Access to major destinations.
Visit our BRT network page​ for more on how BRTs work and their history in our city.

MAX (BRT) routes now operating

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MAX Purple: East Hills - City Centre
MAX Purple route map
Max Purple route schedule

MAX Teal: Westbrook - Douglas Glen
MAX Teal route map
MAX Teal route schedule

MAX Orange: Brentwood - Saddletowne
MAX Orange route map
MAX Orange route schedule

About MAX
Comfort, convenience, connections

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For project inquiries, please contact or call 311.

Phase 1 project engagement

Throughout the design process, we talked with Calgarians, the International Avenue BRZ and local businesses to understand how the project would impact them. Have a look at the What We Heard Report for the feedback received.

Thanks to those conversations, several design and planning changes were made to Phase 1. They included:

  • Revised parking options to maximize parking throughout the area
  • Reduced impacts to businesses, including maintaining business access during construction
  • Increased urban design features, such as street furniture, plants/planters and improved lighting
  • Revised BRT station designs

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What will 17 Avenue look like when Phase 1 is complete?

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