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17 Ave. S.E. BRT - Phase 2: 28 Street S.E. to 9 Avenue S.E.


Construction Update - July 2018

Traffic Detour: A traffic detour at 19 Street and 17 Avenue S.E. has been set up, and will be in place for approximately a month while crews are working on the south side of 17 Avenue S.E. by the intersection. The detour includes:

  • The right hand turn lane from 19 Street S.E. to eastbound 17 Avenue S.E. will be moved north, and the current through lane will be a through and left hand turn for westbound traffic onto Blackfoot Trail.
  • Pedestrians can cross north/south on the west side of the intersection, and east/west on the north side of the intersection. We've put out signage for pedestrians and cyclists to alert them of the changes at the intersection.
  • We're building a temporary pathway for pedestrians and cyclists on the east side of 19 Street S.E.
  • See the detour in this image

Work on the BRT bridges is ongoing. The Deerfoot bridge east pier slab is poured, the Bow River bridge deck panel installation is ongoing, and the Canal bridge decks have also been poured.

To ensure pedestrian and cyclist safety during construction there are three pathway detours residents should be aware of along the Western Irrigation District Canal pathway and the Bow River pathway close to the Cushing Bridge.

For more information about t​he work happening this month have a look at the construction update.

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Want to see how the project has been progressing? Check out our time-lapse cameras:


Project Overview

The City is moving forward with construction of the 17 Avenue S.E. BRT between 9 Avenue S.E. and 28 Street S.E. The City will:

  • Build dedicated bus lanes between 9 Avenue S.E. to 28 Street S.E.
  • Construct bridge structures across the Bow River, Western Headworks Canal and Deerfoot Trail.
  • Build new BRT stations with canopies, heated areas and real-time travel information.
  • At-grade road crossings at 19 Street S.E. and 26 Street S.E. on the south side of 17 Avenue S.E., and a modified intersection at 28 Street S.E. to move buses from the median lane to the south side of 17 Avenue and onto the separated roadway that will be constructed as part of phase 2.
  • Create pedestrian and cyclist connections, with a multi-use pathway running parallel to the BRT lanes, including connections to pathways at the Western Headwaters Canal and the Bow River.

The City held a number of information sessions with Calgarians to share the design for the BRT. If you didn't get a chance to make it out to see the revised design for the BRT, have a look at:

Phase 2 will provide Calgarians with more access to efficient and reliable transit. Specifically, this phase expands the 17 Avenue S.E. BRT closer to downtown, while adding to Calgary's overall transit network. A study and preliminary design for a future phase of the project, along 17 Avenue S.E. from Hubalta Road to 70 Street S.E. is now complete.

What will the BRT look like?

Photo Gallery - Unclassified

  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?
  • What will the BRT look like?

Phase 2 map

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Phase 2 project timeline

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Phase 2 engagement

Back in January we were out in the community to get feedback on the design, and that feedback has helped get us further along with the design for phase two. Have a look at the What We Heard Report for the feedback we received.

We also held an information session in May to show residents the changes to the design:


For project inquiries, please contact: or call 311.​ ​​​​​​​