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Green Line LRT project - Community Planning

Green Line - Community Planning


With the help of Calgarians, The City is creating policy documents to guide development and growth in the communities and station areas near the new Green Line LRT.

Communities along the Green Line are expected to see increased development in the future and The City wants to ensure that this growth results in communities that are sustainable, livable and vibrant.

As a result, new Area Redevelopment Plans (ARPs) and Station Area Plans (SAPs) are being developed for several communities, to provide rules and guidance for future development along the Green Line.

Current community planning projects

The City is drafting area redevelopment plans (ARPs) for the communities of Inglewood-Ramsay and Millican-Ogden and a Station Area Plan (SAP) for South Hill which will account for new Green Line LRT stations around those areas.

Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

An ARP provides rules and guidance for the type of development that makes sense in a given area – how to complement the local character, what level of density makes sense and how to transition from high to low density, or residential to commercial. It includes policies on things like land uses, building forms and densities, buildings heights, parks, transportation, contamination and housing

Station Area Plan (SAP)

A SAP guides Transit Oriented Development in an area. It sets out the longer term vision for the station area and establishes actions to realize the vision, including policy that landowners must adhere to. See the FAQ below to learn more.

Learn more about the Area Redevelopment Plan and Station Area Plan process for community planning along the Green Line.


GL Community planning FAQ

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