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Green Line - Industry Information

Industry Bulletin - November 2016

The Green Line is Calgary’s next LRT line, and the highest public transit infrastructure priority for The City of Calgary. End-to-end, the line will connect communities between North Pointe and Seton with downtown, and is estimated to serve 41 million passengers annually. Construction of the Green Line will require the expertise, innovation and collaboration between The City and industry partners.

Update – November 2016

As is typical for a program of this scale and stage of development, The City is initiating a market sounding exercise to help inform the contracting strategy process.

A number of firms representing a cross-section of industry have been identified and will be contacted by The City’s advisor team in the coming weeks. Information that is received through the market sounding process will be summarized and presented to The City by the advisor team.

Firms participating in the market sounding process will not receive any preferential program information nor any notice or indication of procurement timing. Firms not contacted to participate in the market sounding process remain equally entitled to take part in any eventual Green Line LRT opportunities/procurements. 

All interested industry members should regularly check MERX​ and the Alberta Purchasing Connection (“APC”) website for procurement information.

Design progress

The functional design is currently being developed for the Centre City and North portions of the line, and the land use planning is occurring in the southeast.

Contracting strategy

The overall contracting strategy is being developed to determine the best method for delivering the Green Line. The City is considering the full spectrum of options, including traditional delivery methods and a public-private-partnership. Options in light rail vehicle (LRV) procurement and tunnel construction are also included in the assessment, and phasing options may be developed pending funding commitments.


The full functional design and the contracting strategy are expected to be recommended in mid-2017.

Green Line at a glance

The Green Line features the following major elements:

  • A fleet of low-floor light rail vehicles
  • A light rail storage and maintenance facility near Shepard station
  • A satellite light rail storage and maintenance facility near the Aurora development
  • Track length of more than 40km with some sections underground, at-grade and elevated (depending on varied downtown options)
  • Approximately 27+ stations
  • 10 bridges
  • 4 river crossings
  • 6-8 underground grade separations
  • Up to 11 park and ride facilities
  • Up to 13 major transit hubs
  • Accommodation for a future airport connection
  • Accommodation for the future 17 Avenue S.E. Transitway

Contact information

Sign up for email updates on the procurement strategy and future opportunities, select “Green Line” and then “Green Line industry information”. For specific questions, email