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Green Line - Vision

Vision for Green Line

A transit service that improves mobility in existing and new communities in north and southeast Calgary, connecting people and places, and enhancing the quality of life in the city.

The Green Line is Calgary’s next light rail transit (LRT) line, and one of the highest public transit infrastructure priorities for the city. The Green Line is designed to be both a transit system and a platform for development and City Shaping; it will provide efficient service and connections to destinations throughout the city, and areas where people can live affordably with access to amenities, services and sustainable mobility options.

The Green Line will be an important piece of Calgary's transit network, adding 46 kilometres of track to the existing 59 kilometre LRT system.

End-to-end, it will connect communities between Keystone and Seton to downtown and various other destinations along the way. Once the full alignment is built, the line will carry an estimated 240,000 trips per day.

The Green Line will provide direct connections to the new South Health Campus, new recreation centres, major employment centres, the new $168 million National Music Centre, the new $245 million Central Library, Stampede Park, and several business revitalization zones. The Green Line will also integrate with future rail connection to the Calgary International Airport, which is in the midst of a $2 billion expansion.

Stage 1 construction

On June 26, 2017, City Council approved the full vision for the Green Line LRT, including the full 46 km route from 160 Avenue N to Seton and 28 stations. Construction on the first 20 km is anticipated to begin in 2020, and will extend from 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue SE (Shepard). This first stage of construction is expected to be complete by 2026, pending funding. Once the first stage is complete, the line will be expanded incrementally to the north and southeast as additional funds become available.

More information on Stage 1

Funding status

All three levels of government have committed funding for Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT project. Please visit the page to learn more about funding commitments for the project.

Federal Government: On July 24, 2015 the Government of Canada made a historic funding announcement committing $1.53B to the Green Line LRT. This funding was contingent on matching funds from the Provincial and Municipal Governments. This funding announcement was the largest ever contribution by the Government of Canada to an infrastructure project in Alberta.

From bus-based transitway to LRT

The Green Line was initially planned to be built as bus-only lanes called a transitway. While a transitway would not provide the capacity and reliability of an LRT service, this option would improve service in communities, without the significant initial capital investment required for LRT. The transitway was planned to be extended and converted into an LRT line in the future, as funding became available.

In July 2015, the Government of Canada announced that up to $1.53 billion from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund would be awarded to the Green Line as an LRT project. This announcement offered the opportunity to explore building the Green Line as an LRT from the beginning, providing all three levels of government could provide matching contributions. As of July 2017, all three levels of government have announced funding support for Stage 1 of the Green Line LRT.

Construction timeline

The first stage of construction will extend from 16 Avenue N to 126 Avenue SE and is expected to run from 2020-2026.

Please visit the construction page​ for more information.