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90 Ave & 14 Street S.W. - SW BRT Construction


We have adjusted the signal timing at the 14 Street/90 Avenue intersection for eastbound traffic turning onto 14 Street S.W. Drivers will have more green time when turning left onto northbound 14 Street S.W. during rush hour. Crews have also painted additional lane markings at the intersection. We will keep monitoring this intersection and make adjustments as needed.

Crews are now working on excavation and piling for the underpass on the south side of 90 Avenue.

The final traffic detour maintains the existing number of lanes - three eastbound lanes and two westbound lanes on 90 Avenue. See the See the final detour at the intersection.

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Construction update

Week of August 13, 2018
Crews continue to work on the storm water and sanitary utilities along 14 Street S.W., between 90 Avenue S.W. and Southland Drive S.W. Once crews finish this work, they will move to the northwest corner of the 90 Avenue S.W. and 14 Street S.W. intersection for the construction of the storm water siphon.
Piling for the underpass, retaining walls and excavation for the storm water pump station continues on the south side of the 14 Street and 90 Avenue S.W. intersection. Crews continue pouring concrete for the underpass walls.

Upcoming detours and lane closures

Lane closures are typically scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. There may be times when crews need to set up lane closures and detours before 9 a.m. These closures will not be in the direction of the heaviest rush hour traffic flow. Weekend closures are typically planned between 7a.m. and 7 p.m.

14 Street between Southland Drive & 90 Avenue S.W. - Road work, underground utilities and concrete.

Monday, August 13, to Sunday, August 19 2018

  • Northbound 14 Street reduced to one lane from south of Southland Dr. to 90 Ave S.W.
  • Southbound 14 Street reduced to one lane from 90 Ave to south of Southland Drive S.W.

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