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90th Ave to Heritage Dr S.W. - BRT overview


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There will be a number of intersection changes and improvements as we're building the Southwest BRT. We will be building a pedestrian bridge just north of 90 Avenue, and new underpass at 90 Avenue for BRT busses.


Pedestrian bridge – 90th Avenue S.W.

The Southwest BRT station will be on 14 Street S.W., just north of 90 Avenue, beside the Glenmore Landing Shopping Centre. The bridge will provide a safe, efficient crossing for pedestrians and cyclists that connects to the new BRT station, Glenmore Landing Shopping Centre, the Glenmore Reservoir pathway system and the surrounding communities of Palliser, Bayview, Pumphill, and Haysboro.

The City presented three possible locations for the pedestrian bridge last year. Based on feedback from the community we have revised the alignment of the bridge​ to incorporate features that were desirable for the community, as well as create an efficient and safe alternative to crossing at the intersection of 14 Street and 90 Avenue S.W.


Underpass at 14 Street and 90 Avenue S.W.

The design of the underpass at 14 Street and 90 Avenue S.W. has been finalized. The underpass allows buses to travel through the intersection without impacting vehicle traffic, and will have access to the BRT station located near Glenmore Landing.


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