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Southwest BRT - Glenmore Trail S.W.

Construction on the transit only ramp at the southeast corner of the Crowchild Trail and Glenmore Trail S.W. interchange is complete.
Crews have started working on the eastbound Glenmore Trail S.W. to southbound 14 Street S.W. ramp. Activity here involves stripping and removals for the future BRT tie-in lane onto the Rockyview Hospital service road.
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Construction update

Week of February 4, 2019

Work will be focused on the 90 Avenue pedestrian bridge as well as the north half of the BRT underpass and vehicle bridge.

Crews should begin work on the 75 Avenue S.W. pedestrian bridge at the end of February. The first part of the work will be rerouting pedestrians to an at-grade crossing before demolition of the existing bridge. During reconstruction of the center bridge structural support, the number of southbound 14 Street S.W. travel lanes will be reduced to two lanes during the non-peak hours. No lane closures on the northbound side are currently planned.


Upcoming detours and lane closures:

There are no scheduled lane closures or detours in this area.

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