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Heritage Drive to 75th Ave S.W. - BRT overview


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There will be a number of changes and improvements as we're building the Southwest BRT. The transit lanes have been revised at the intersection of 14th Street and Heritage Drive S.W. to minimize the impacts to intersections on 14th Street. We will also be making changes to the existing pedestrian bridge just south of 75 Avenue S.W.


Project plans for the area

14th Street & Heritage Drive S.W. intersection

The dedicated transit lanes have been revised to minimize impacts to intersections on 14 Street. The transitway and station were moved to the west of the intersection, and will cross the access road into Heritage Park where there is less daily commuter traffic. This design maintains the existing entrance characteristics of the park. The BRT station is located close to the existing pedestrian crossing, and close to the connecting electric trolley station. The trains at the entrance of Heritage Park will remain in their current location, and we are working with Heritage Park to integrate the train with the adjacent station.

The trolley will require a realignment to accommodate this design, and we are working with Heritage Park to determine the best time to realign the track.

14 Street & 75 Ave pedestrian bridge

A portion of the existing pedestrian and cyclist overpass just south of 75 Avenue S.W. will be replaced as part of the Southwest BRT project. The ramp on the east side of 14 Street S.W. will remain, and a new bridge deck, and connection to the BRT station at 75 Avenue S.W. will be built. A new ramp system will be implemented at the west side of the bridge, that connects directly to the pathway system towards the hospital for improved accessibility. When the pedestrian bridge is removed, pedestrians and cyclists will temporarily cross at the south side of the intersection of 14 Street and 75 Avenue S.W.


Construction updates for Southwest BRT

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