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Southland Dr to 90th Ave S.W. - BRT overview


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There will be a number of intersection changes and improvements as we're building the Southwest BRT. Between Southland Drive and 90 Avenue S.W. there will be improvements to the intersection at 14 Street and Southland Drive S.W. as well as changes to the intersection of Southland Drive and Bradbury Drive S.W.


Intersection improvements

14 St & Southland Dr S.W.

Improvements to the intersection of 14 Street and Southland Drive SW were identified as part of the Traffic Congestion Relief Program. In order to coordinate the work and take advantage of pricing within a larger construction contract, the intersection improvements will be built as part of the Southwest BRT project.

The improvements at this intersection​ include adding dual southbound and eastbound left turn lanes and auxiliary lanes for the westbound and eastbound right turn movements. Transit queue jump lanes on Southland Drive are being built at the intersection as well because Southland Drive is part of the Primary Transit Network.

These improvements reduce the overall intersection delay in excess of 20 per cent, especially during the afternoon rush hour.

Bradbury Dr & Southland Dr S.W.

In order for buses to enter and exit the dedicated transit lanes, a transit-only left turn bay will be built in the eastbound direction of Southland Drive, along with a transit-only access across from Bradbury Drive.

A traffic light will be installed at the intersection so buses can safely make the left hand turn onto the dedicated transit lanes. Traffic headed northbound on Bradbury Drive wanting to turn left on Southland Drive will be required to wait for a green light to make the left hand turn.


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