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City projects in southwest Calgary

There are no traffic advisories in the area at this time. 

There are a number of projects under construction in southwest Calgary​ this construction season. The City is working across departments to coordinate construction and minimize the impacts to residents getting to and from where you're going.

If you're looking for information the projects that are in the planning phase, or are construction in the southwest please see the websites below:

Southwest Calgary Ring road projects:

Southwest Calgary projects

Detours around Southwest BRT construction
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Southwest BRT and Crowchild Trail bridge design

When travelling southbound on Crowchild Trail, the Southwest BRT buses will primarily use the Crowchild Trail flyover to get to eastbound Glenmore Trail, avoiding the Crowchild Trail bridge and the Lakeview bus by-pass, altogether. When congestion levels on the flyover have the potential to delay the bus (caused by the morning and afternoon rush hours, a vehicle accident, high traffic volumes.), the BRT buses would continue to travel south across the Crowchild Trail bridge and turn left from its own left-hand turn lane, onto the Lakeview bus by-pass lane. Buses are expected to yield to oncoming traffic, so they would only turn left, when there's a break in traffic.

See the left turn movement here.

Glenmore Trail widening and interchange project

The Glenmore Trail widening and interchange upgrade project will be starting construction in the Crowchild Trail area this summer.

Anderson Road intersection upgrades

As part of the projects that will improve the connections to the future Southwest Ring Road, intersection upgrades at 14 Street and Anderson Road S.W. and 24 Street and Anderson Road S.W. are underway.

Woodlands Woodbine community Drainage Improvements

As part of the Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvements (WWCDI) program, a dry pond is currently being constructed on Southland Drive S.W., adjacent to the St. Benedict Elementary School. Also part of this program is the Bebo Grove Storm Pond and 24 Street Storm Trunk Diversion project.

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